Which Baby Alive Poops


Does Baby Alive actually poop?

After Hasbro took over the Kenner company the Baby Alive Doll was re-released in 2006. A variety of Baby Alive Dolls came out. They produced ones that talked and had a baby voice, they have ones the poop, eat, crawl and even some just to snuggle with. via

How does the Baby Alive doll poop?

How can I get the doll to poop? A. When the belly button is pushed halfway in (until you hear one click), the doll will pee. When you push the belly button halfway in (one click) and then further (until you hear a second click), the doll will poop. via

Does Baby Alive magical mixer poop?

Baby Alive Magical Mixer Baby, Strawberry Shake

Put a fun spin on making special treats for baby! Kids and their babies can watch the magic happen as they pour, click, push, and SWIRL baby's food in a real working toy blender. She drinks, wets, and “poops,” too! via

Does Baby Alive actually pee?

Baby Alive dolls provide girls and boys with so many lifelike nurturing experiences. The Potty Dance baby doll says sweet phrases and sings songs–more than 50 of them in English or Spanish! When you give baby her bottle, she'll let you know she has to tinkle and will really 'pee' on her potty. via

What age is Baby Alive for?

Age Range: 3+

The manufacturer lists this doll for ages 3 and up, and I'd agree that it's great for young toddlers who enjoy playing mommy or big sister. Many older girls (up to 10 or 11), would enjoy this lifelike baby, too. via

Does Baby Alive eat?

A: No, they do not. There are a variety of Baby Alive dolls and they have varying features. There are other, less expensive Baby Alives, though, that do not eat and drink. via

Can you put a baby alive in water?

A. Do not submerge doll in water; Dolls are not intended for bath-time play. via

How do babies get born pee?

Press and hold the belly button once to make the doll pee (Fig. 2). 3. Press twice and hold to make the doll poo (Fig. via

What is the most popular Baby Alive doll?

29 Most Popular Baby Alive Dolls

  • Baby Go Bye Bye. The Baby Go Bye Bye baby doll by Baby Alive gives your child the full baby experience, with none of the hassle.
  • Ready for School Baby.
  • Super Snacks Snackin' Lily.
  • Play 'n Style Christina Doll.
  • Twinkles 'n Tinkles.
  • My Baby All Gone Doll.
  • Baby Wanna Walk.
  • Plays and Giggles Doll.
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    How much water do you mix with Baby Alive food packets?

    Simply pour powdered food packet into bowl (not included), add 3 teaspoons/15 ml of water, and mix. via

    What is the best Baby Alive?

  • Baby Alive Sweet Spoonfuls Baby Doll.
  • Baby Alive Face Paint Fairy Brunette.
  • Baby Alive Baby Go Bye Bye Doll.
  • Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby Doll.
  • Baby Alive Magical Scoops Blonde Baby Doll.
  • Baby Alive Sweet Tears Baby Doll.
  • Baby Alive Super Snacks Snackin' Noodles Baby.
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    How do you make Baby Alive talk? (video)

    How do you make Baby Alive pee?

    This sweet Baby Alive doll loves to says sweet phrases like “I love you, Mommy.” Hold her left hand and she'll dance, too! After feeding Potty Dance baby water from her bottle, she'll say, “Uh oh! I gotta go!” Put baby doll on her potty and she'll “pee” on it. She drinks and wets! via

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