What To Do With Old Keys


How do you dispose of old keys?

Most keys can go in the garbage. Keys that are entirely metal can also be recycled– but only through drop-off programs. Ask your local locksmith or srap metal recycler if they will take them. via

What can I do with a bunch of old keys?

  • Use as a Plumb Bob. Photo by Ivan Ivanov/Getty Images.
  • Turn Them into Hooks. Photo by John Gruen.
  • Clean Boot Treads. Photo by Ryan McVay/Getty Images.
  • Weigh Down Curtains. Photo by John Gruen.
  • Pop a Top. Photo by John Gruen.
  • Anchor a Balloon.
  • Create a Door Chime.
  • Distress Furniture.
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    Is there any value to old keys?

    Most individual skeleton keys sell for $10 or less, but certain styles can be worth much more. Keys with fancy bows, interesting engravings, a fascinating history, or other special features can be worth hundreds of dollars. via

    Can you melt down old keys?

    Can you recycle keys- yes, most recycling centers should take back keys, make sure you take off any tags or rubber markings. Keys can be melted down for other uses. You can also visit your local locksmith to see if your keys can be remade or re-keyed into other keys. You can reuse keys as well. via

    Can I put keys in recycle bin?

    Since most curbside recycling programs do not accept scrap metal, you will not be able to put your keys in your bin. However, every recycling center should have a metal recycling bin, so you can place old keys in there. Keys that come with a chip or remote are harder to recycle because of the plastic around them. via

    How do you decorate with skeleton keys?

  • Hang them on hooks.
  • Fill a jar with them.
  • Display in a candy dish.
  • Decorate a picture frame with them.
  • Turn them into jewelry.
  • Make a skeleton key windchime or mobile.
  • Use as decorative ceiling fan pulls.
  • Display inside lantern.
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    Are skeleton keys illegal?

    A skeleton key is a type of key that opens many different locks. In order to prevent skeleton keys from allowing illegal entry, lock manufactures began to add wards around the outside of the lock as well as in the center. This prevented the successful use of skeleton keys. via

    What are keys made of?

    Keys are typically made of brass or a nickel-brass mixture, and the pins in a lock are also made of brass. Over years of use, keys and pins do wear down. via

    How can you tell if a key is antique?

    If you are not sure what kind of metal your key is made of, one of the easiest ways to find out is to hold a magnet to it. If the key does not stick to a magnet, it is likely stainless steel or brass. If the key does stick to a magnet, it is most likely made out of steel and iron. via

    How do you clean an old skeleton key?

  • Place the keys in a saucepan and cover them with vinegar.
  • Heat the vinegar to just below a simmer. Leave the keys in the vinegar for a few minutes, until you see their color begin to change.
  • Rinse the keys thoroughly to stop the action of the acid and then wipe them with rubbing alcohol. Buff dry.
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    How many types of skeleton keys are there?

    According to the old-house guru I spoke to, there are 3 skeleton keys that account for about 90% of interior door locks (no such luck with exterior locks, btw). Essentially they are "master keys" for old homes. via

    What is Skeleton Key meaning?

    : a key with a large part of the bit filed away to enable it to open low quality locks as a master key. via

    Are master keys illegal?

    It is illegal to manufacture, distribute, or unlawfully possess a master car key. Other crimes such as grand theft auto and carjacking are often connected with the possession of a master car key, and penalties for those crimes can be severe. via

    Are police master keys real?

    Legitimate skeleton or master keys are used in many modern contexts where lock operation is required and the original key has been lost or is not available. In hotels without electronic locks, skeleton keys are used by housekeeping services to enter the rooms. via

    Is there really a master key?

    Any key that can open two or more locks is considered a master key. Many master keys use pin and tumbler locks. For a master key to work, though, there must be something called master wafers inside the lock. When the master wafers line up, the key and lock can turn freely. via

    Can I get a key made from the VIN number?

    As long as you can prove ownership of your vehicle a car key can be made with the Vehicle Identification Number aka VIN number. Once a key code is pulled from the VIN number a car key can be cut. *However most vehicles keys also have transponders in them and need be programmed to the car. via

    Are there keys that Cannot be duplicated?

    The biggest question many people have when it comes to keys being duplicated by a locksmith are the keys labeled as "Do Not Duplicate". These keys seem like they shouldn't be able to be duplicated, but that's a myth. There are no regulations or laws keeping a key with "Do Not Duplicate" on it from being duplicated. via

    How can I get a duplicate car key without the original?

    An experienced locksmith will be able to make a replacement key for you even if you do not have the original. When you contact a locksmith, you'll need to give the company some information about the key, and then they will likely be able to help you replace it. via

    What are old keys called?

    Antique keys are commonly referred to as bit or barrel keys, the former having a solid shank and the latter being hollow. Many people mistakenly call all old keys “skeleton” keys. But a skeleton key is a specific type of bit or barrel key designed to pass the wards of many different locks. via

    Can you tell how old a skeleton key is?

    Real estate agents may have more up-to-date information, such as if the locks or doors were replaced over the years. If you find out the year the doors and their hardware were installed, you'll find out the age of the skeleton keys that match them. via

    How do you identify your keys?

    Most lock manufacturers use a distinctive bow design to identify their keys. First try to locate one that matches yours. Also look to see if your keys has a name or any numbers or letters on them. Letter/Number combinations such as SC1, KW1, Y1 etc. via

    How do you clean a dirty key? (video)

    How do you clean a dirty door key?

    If your keys are rusty, you can soak them in a mixture of half water, half white vinegar for half an hour. Use your cleaning toothbrush to scrub off the rust. Repeat 30-minute soaks followed by scrubs until the rust is gone. Dry with a clean rag. via

    Will vinegar and baking soda remove rust?

    Individually, vinegar, baking soda, and salt all make wonderful cleaning agents, but together, they form an extremely effective homemade rust remover. via

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