What Time Does Stubhub Stop Selling Tickets


Do StubHub prices go down closer to event?

Yes they do. Typically, as the event date gets closer, ticket holders selling on the StubHub marketplace will lower their prices so as to get rid of the inventory of tickets they have, for better to make money at a cheaper rate than to completely lose your profit. via

How do you stop selling tickets on StubHub?

  • Go to 'My tickets' then Listings.
  • Click 'See actions. ' Select 'Deactivate. '
  • Click 'Yes, deactivate it' to confirm.
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    How long does it take for tickets to sell on StubHub?

    When you sell tickets on StubHub, we'll process your payment 5-8 business days after the event. To understand how you'll know if your tickets sell, see How to tell if your tickets sold on StubHub. via

    Does StubHub deliver tickets on time?

    In most cases, tickets aren't issued until 24 hours before the event. When this kind of delay happens, sellers have until 10 AM on the day of the event to deliver the tickets and fulfill the order. If it's past 10 AM on the day of your event and you don't have the tickets, please contact us. via

    What does StubHub do with unsold tickets?

    If the tickets you're reselling on StubHub don't sell, they're still yours. You can try to sell them elsewhere or give them to a friend. You only pay a sell fee if the tickets sell. via

    Do Ticketmaster prices go down closer to event?

    You should know that sometimes ticket prices never decrease. Demand to see a concert is so high that ticket prices never go down. There is, in effect, no “last minute.” Even so, patience will better serve your pocketbook when it comes to finding cheap concert tickets. via

    Can I refund my ticket on StubHub?

    It is possible to request a refund on a purchased StubHub ticket manually. Even though refund policies are set according to the individual sellers' terms of service, StubHub issues refunds on their own too. There are only two ways to request your refund from them on your own: Calling StubHub Support. via

    What is StubHub phone number?

    StubHub via

    Can I cancel a StubHub listing?

    Deleting a listing: You remove all listing info from StubHub. You can't undo this action. If you want to use the tickets, sell them elsewhere, or give them away, you need to delete the listing. via

    How much does it cost to sell a ticket on StubHub?

    It is free to list tickets for sale, and to search for tickets to buy on StubHub. On each completed transaction, the buyer pays a 10% fee, and a 15% fee is deducted from the seller's payment. For example, on the sale of a $100 ticket, the buyer would pay $110. The seller would net $85. via

    Why does StubHub pay after the event?

    Stubhub changed the method of paying sellers last March from paying on delivery to paying sellers 5-8 business days after the event occurs. This way if an event ends up being cancelled they dont have to claw back money from sellers. via

    Is it easy to sell tickets on StubHub?

    We've made it impossibly easy to list your tickets on StubHub.Thanks to our massive catalog of events, you can sell tickets to almost any event in just three steps! Listing on StubHub is as easy as 1-2-3Just sign in to the app or on your mobile browser, tell us what tickets you're selling, and set your price. via

    How do you know if your seats are together on StubHub?

    Typically, odd numbers are on one side of an aisle, and even numbers are on the other. Remember, when you buy tickets on StubHub, your seats are guaranteed to be together. via

    Does StubHub refund fake tickets?

    No matter what you see, remember that the company does guarantee its tickets. If you buy tickets on the site that turn out to be fake, you will get your money back. via

    Is StubHub trusted?

    Is StubHub reliable? Overall, StubHub is fairly reliable, but this depends on how your tickets are delivered. If you can download your tickets right from StubHub, then it's very reliable. If you need to get them over email, it's a little less reliable. via

    Can you see what tickets have sold for on StubHub?

    You'll see it when you're in the process of listing tickets for sale and it will also be available for active listings in My Account. For events that don't yet have pricing data available, pricing assistant will simply display the minimum and maximum prices that are currently listed for that section. via

    Why is StubHub not considered scalping?

    Many tickets then become available at marked-up prices on resale websites like StubHub. In December 2016, the federal government passed Better Online Ticket Sales Act, or the BOTS Act, which made it illegal for scalpers use computer software to purchase more tickets than allowed or bypass security measures. via

    How do you become a ticket broker?

  • Join ticket broker associations.
  • Choose a specialty area.
  • Obtain a business license.
  • Name your business and build a website.
  • Buy tickets to the events in highest demand and resell them.
  • Promote your ticket broker business.
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    Are tickets cheaper at box office?

    By buying tickets in-person, at the box office, you can avoid paying any ticketing fees, that get a lot more expensive the more tickets you purchase. via

    Where is the best place to sit during a concert?

    With a center stage, the seated sections in the middle of the arena (same as mid court or center ice sections) will be the best and closest seats. With center stage shows there are no longer any seats considered behind the stage. via

    How long does it take for StubHub to refund?

    No problem. Simply go to your StubHub Wallet and click the 'Request cash refund' button on the appropriate credit. We will process the refund to your original payment method within 30 days. via

    Can StubHub send you to collections?

    If Stubhub reports you to collections, you can write a cease and desist letter and mail it to the collector... At that point, the debt collector can not : send you letters, call you, or contact you by any means related to any debts that claim you owe... via

    Will StubHub refund MLB tickets?

    For buyers, StubHub guarantees: You'll get the tickets you ordered in time for the event and they'll be valid for entry. If that doesn't happen, we will locate comparable replacement tickets or send you a refund. You'll get a refund if your event is cancelled and not rescheduled. via

    How do I talk to someone at StubHub?

  • United States and Canada.
  • 1.866.788.2482.
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    Where do I find my StubHub access code?

  • Using the most updated version of the StubHub app. Tap 'My tickets' At the bottom, tap the link in 'Have an access code?
  • On a computer or in a mobile web browser (if the StubHub app isn't available in your country) Use the guest order lookup.
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    Does StubHub send tickets to email?

    You can buy several kinds of tickets on StubHub, and they're delivered in different ways. No matter how you get them, we'll email you when they're ready. via

    How do you sell tickets on StubHub?

  • Tap 'Sell. ' Sign in or create a StubHub account.
  • Find the event and choose the date. If you don't see it, you can submit an event request.
  • Follow the steps.
  • Add a valid credit card.
  • Choose how to get paid if the tickets sell.
  • Tap 'List tickets.
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    Can I cancel my Ticketmaster tickets?

    Special note about resale tickets purchased from TicketExchangebyTicketmaster.com: except for canceled events (as explained in Canceled, Postponed, Rescheduled and Moved Events, above), there are no refunds, exchanges, or cancelations once a request is submitted to us. via

    Why are StubHub service fees so high?

    The fees on any purchase are there for a few different reasons, with our main focus being to provide a positive buying experience. We use the fees to ensure the site is up and running at all times. They also go toward our customer service staff to ensure that we're here if you have any questions or need any assistance. via

    Do sellers pay fees on StubHub?

    It's free to list tickets on StubHub! When they sell, we collect a sell fee. This may change over time depending on ticket supply and ticket marketing costs. As long as you deliver your tickets as promised and on time, this is the only StubHub fee you'll ever pay. via

    Can you sell gametime tickets on StubHub?

    Yes, you can list your tickets on Gametime as well as other platforms. via

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