What Is Netcool


What is the use of Netcool?

Overview. IBM Netcool Network Management helps communication service providers, enterprise data centers, and networking staff to discover, visualize, detect, configure, activate, integrate and remediate your network. via

How does netcool work?

Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus tracks alert information in a high-performance, in-memory database, and presents information of interest to specific users through filters and views that can be configured individually. Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus has automation functions that can perform intelligent processing on managed alerts. via

What is OMNIbus IBM?

IBM® Tivoli® Netcool®/OMNIbus is a service level management (SLM) system that collects enterprise-wide event information from many different network data sources and presents a simplified view of this information to operators and administrators. Passed to helpdesk systems. via

What is netcool Webgui?

The Web GUI is a web-based application that presents event data from multiple data sources in various graphical formats in supported web browsers and mobile devices. via

What is netcool alert?

The Netcool Alert Monitor watches for alerts received by SiteScope from a Netcool server and forwards them to Topaz. This provides a way to centralize data collection, display, and alerting for conditions of which you might otherwise be unaware of until something more serious happens. via

What is ITM monitoring?

IBM Tivoli Monitoring monitors and manages system and network applications on a variety of operating systems, tracks the availability and performance of your enterprise system, and provides reports to track trends and troubleshoot problems. via

What is IBM Noi?

NOI provides cross-domain correlation, enrichment and consolidation of millions of alerts and alarms and operational data into a single operational view. It integrates data from IBM and non IBM solutions across a modern, mobile dashboard. via

What is OMNIbus system?

An omnibus account allows for managed trades of more than one person, and allows for anonymity of the persons in the account. Omnibus accounts allow more efficient transactions to take place, since the manager can act swiftly when market conditions call for it. via

What is IBM Tivoli used for?

IBM Tivoli Monitoring products monitor the performance and availability of distributed operating systems and applications. These products are based on a set of common service components, referred to collectively as Tivoli Management Services. via

What is IBM Netcool operations insight?

IBM® Netcool® Operations Insight® consists of a base operations management solution. It also incorporates strong event management capabilities, and leverages real-time alarm and alert analytics, combined with broader historic data analytics. via

How do I find my GUI version?

There's a few ways to check the version details but you can use the Installation Manager command, although the default syntax is all over the place. The System Information tab in Web GUI is also a good place to find version details, as well as properties. via

What is an ITM agent?

Monitoring agents are data collectors. Agents monitor systems, subsystems, or applications, collect data, and pass the data to the Tivoli Enterprise Portal through the monitoring server. In addition, there is another class of operating-system agents, the System Monitor Agent. via

What is Tam security?

Sterling External Authentication Server provides an authentication service to interface with Tivoli Access Manager (TAM). It contains an SSL key and configuration data for secure communications with the authorization server. via

What is Tivoli ITM?

IBM Tivoli Monitoring software helps you optimize IT infrastructure performance and availability. Use this system monitoring software to manage operating systems, databases and servers in distributed and host environments. via

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