What Is Mdvip Program

MDVIP was born in 2000 from an idea that started in the minds of forward-thinking primary care doctors who felt the healthcare system was losing its way. They knew there was a better way to practice medicine and provide the level of care and attention their patients deserved. via

Is MDVIP covered by insurance?

Does my insurance cover the annual MDVIP program fee? No. The annual fee for a membership in an MDVIP-affiliated practice pays for services not typically covered by your insurance and is not reimbursable by insurance. via

What is an MDVIP practice?

MDVIP-affiliated primary care practices are sometimes compared to concierge primary care, but MDVIP goes beyond, by focusing more on prevention and wellness. Patients continue to receive basic covered preventive physicals and screenings offered in traditional primary care practices. via

Is MDVIP a concierge medicine?

During your search for concierge medicine near you, you're likely to come across MDVIP. A national network of independent concierge medicine practices, MDVIP's franchise network consists of more than 900 concierge doctors in almost every state in the United States. via

What are the advantages of MDVIP?

MDVIP-affiliated physicians have the time to put emphasis on prevention and wellness. They work with patients every day helping to identify risk, prevent disease and optimize treatment, from early detection to coaching patients on lifestyle changes that can really pay off. via

What is the benefit of MDVIP?

The MDVIP Wellness Program is a comprehensive annual preventive health program. Patients receive comprehensive, advanced health screenings and diagnostic tests that have been shown to help detect issues earlier but are not typically covered by commercial insurance or Medicare. via

How many patients do MDVIP doctors have?

The MDVIP network consists of almost 800 doctors who offer a customized wellness and preventive-care program and limit their business to no more than 600 patients. via

How many patients does a concierge doctor have?

The average concierge practice will have 500 to 1,000 total patients, according to Blue. Physician access: This decrease in patient population allows concierge physicians to promise same-day or next-day appointments, 24/7 access and longer examination times. via

Are most doctors millionaires?

Most of society assumes that physicians are wealthy. Surveys of physicians consistently demonstrate that only half of physicians are millionaires. Of even more concern, surveys show that 25% of doctors in their 60s are still not millionaires and 11-12% of them have a net worth under $500,000! via

Are Concierge Doctors Worth the money?

But concierge care offers doctors benefits other than improved patient relations: The membership fees provide an additional, stable revenue stream; physicians might earn more money while seeing fewer patients. Some patients love the idea of concierge care. via

Why are doctors charging annual fees?

The idea of value-based care is that patients or payers pay doctors to make patients healthy rather than treating them for individual ailments. This often means charging a monthly or annual flat fee in exchange for comprehensive care. Essentially, doctors use those dollars to care for a patient however they see fit. via

Why are doctors going to concierge medicine?

Reasons to See a Concierge Doctor

One of the most popular reasons to consider a concierge doctor is quicker access to your physician. Same-day appointments and direct email and phone contact with your concierge doctor mean speedier access to care. via

Do concierge doctors take insurance?

Concierge Medicine Costs

Some high-end concierge medicine practices that provide services to well-off patients can cost tens of thousands of dollars a year, experts say. Most concierge medical practices don't take health insurance. Medicare or some insurance, 29% Medicare but no HMO or PPO plans, 14% via

Do concierge doctors make house calls?

You might think it's a pain to be a doctor that makes house calls, but these doctors love it. "Concierge doctors," as they're known, are private doctors that charge patients an annual fee of anywhere from $1,000 to $25,000 per year for more personalized service. via

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