What Is Gross Leasable Area


How do you calculate gross leasable area?

To get the gross leasable area for one tenant, you would measure from the center of the common wall (shared with another tenant) to the outside face of the external wall. The external wall can be a shopfront, a window display, or just a flat wall. Regardless, it is included in the gross leasable area. via

What is the leasable area?

Gross leasable area, or GLA, is the area in a commercial property designed for the exclusive use of a tenant. GLA typically includes mezzanines, basements, or upper floors, but shared areas, such as public bathrooms or maintenance areas. via

What is included in gross leasable area?

Using the 1996 BOMA standards (especially since they provide a schematic example) the leasable area would simply be to measure the exterior facade for the entrance facing "the street" and then the interior wall face for all remaining sides. via

What is the meaning of gross floor area?

Gross Floor Area means all the area of the floor enclosed by the outside edge of the. exterior walls of a building, including without limitation stairways, elevator shafts, storage rooms and mechanical rooms. via

What is the difference between gross area and rentable area?

Gross building area typically includes all heated and cooled areas. Net rentable area is actual square footage of a building that may be leased or rented to tenants; the area upon which the lease or rental payments are computed. via

Is balcony included in gross floor area?

BALCONY AREA: Total area of an open or covered platform attached to an upper floor of a building, projecting from or recessed into the face of the wall and protected by railing or balustrade; accessible from an adjacent room. The sum of areas 1 and 2 equal the gross floor area of a building. via

What is rentable area?

Rentable square feet is defined as the usable square feet plus a portion of the building's common space. Common spaces are areas usable by all tenants in the building and include, but are not limited to, hallways, lobbies, public restrooms and fitness facilities. via

What is meant by carpet area?

'Carpet Area', as the name suggests, is the space where one can spread a carpet i.e., the net usable floor area in building/apartment. 'Built-up Area' is the carpet area plus the areas covered by inside and outside walls, balconies and verandahs attached to the unit for exclusive use. via

What does leasable mean?

Leasable meaning

Filters. Able to be leased. adjective. 1. via

What is net area and gross area?

The net area informs about the actual area of the accommodation – the actual living quarters. Gross area, on the contrary, includes any common areas; this could for instance be a basement room, gallery, staircase, balcony et cetera, which the tenant has access to on the property. via

How is floor area calculated?

If the size of the plot or land being used for a project is 500 sq ft and the FAR determined for that particular city/locality is 1.5, then, the total floor area that can be constructed will be 750 sq ft (500×1.5). via

Does gross floor area include all floors?

Definition. The sum of all areas on all floors of a building included within the outside faces of its exterior walls, including all vertical penetration areas, for circulation and shaft areas that connect one floor to another. via

Does gross floor area include stairs?

The floor area within the inside perimeter of the exterior walls of the building under consideration, exclusive of vent shafts and courts, without deduction for corridors, stairways, closets, the thickness of interior walls, columns or other features. via

What is the difference between net and gross occupancy?

The Gross Square Footage is calculated from the outside of the exterior walls and is inclusive of all space within minus areas that are open to below. The Net Square Footage is the total square footage of all the rooms/areas on a floor. This includes assignable and non-assignable rooms. via

What is r/u ratio?

(BOMA 2010, Method A) A ratio, the numerator of which is the preliminary floor area of a floor, and the denominator of which is the usable area of that floor, that distributes floor service areas to the occupants on a floor on a proportional basis. via

Is net usable area within building?

Net Usable Area means as to the Premises, or any other area of the Building intended to be occupied, the areas within the outside permanent Building walls, measured to the inside surface of such walls, and to the inside surface of any wall or partition separating the Premises or such other area from any other portion via

What is a grossing factor?

Have you ever heard of the "grossing factor" in reference to buildings? Actually, it's the ratio of gross floor area to net floor area within a building. Gross floor area includes everything within a building's exterior walls. via

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