What Are Plus Fours


Why are plus fours called that?

They were baggy garments that fastened tight around the knee area and were popular among some soldiers during the First World War. Some bright spark had the idea of making these pants a little longer - adding 4 inches to their length, hence the name. via

What is the difference between plus twos and plus fours?

What is the difference between Plus Twos and Plus Fours? The number indicates the inches below the knee the breeks sit – so Plus Twos are two inches below the knee and Plus Fours four inches. Golfers tend to wear a plus four or even a plus six, but for shooting the plus twos are more popular. via

Which golfer used to wear plus fours?

They were later brought back to prominence by the professional golfer Payne Stewart who wore them on the PGA Tour (active years 1982–1999). In 2008, plus fours were featured in André Benjamin's Benjamin Bixby clothing line, which was based on clothing worn by Ivy League athletes in the 1930s. via

What is the difference between knickers and plus fours?

Knickers and Plus Fours

Knickerbockers, later shortened to knickers, were popular sports wear for wealthy gentleman. Knickers were baggy pants that fit low on the natural waist and were tight below the knee, ballooning out around the thighs. The plus is how many inches below the knee they hung. via

What does plus fours mean in English?

: loose sports knickers made four inches longer than ordinary knickers. via

What are golf knickers called?

Knickerbockers or knickers are a form of men's or boys' baggy-kneed breeches, particularly popular in the early 20th-century United States. Golfers' plus twos and plus fours are similar. via

When did knickers go out of style?

Though they are still worn occasionally into the twenty-first century as an artistic fashion statement or chic sportswear, knickers disappeared from everyday fashion during the 1930s. From the fifteenth through the eighteenth centuries, knee breeches or pants were common daily wear for men. via

How long should breeks be?

Alexandra Doubleday of Le Chameau comments: “Shooting socks should be worn over your plus- two/fours, or shooting breeks with the knit design fully displayed at the top of your boot. The sock should be pulled up to the knee and rolled over below the knee to show off a few inches of the knit design. via

Who wore knickerbockers?

The term "Knickerbockers" traces its origin to the Dutch settlers who came to the New World - and especially to what is now New York - in the 1600s. Specifically, it refers to the style of pants the settlers wore... pants that rolled up just below the knee, which became known as "Knickerbockers", or "knickers". via

What happened to Payne Stewarts wife?

Tracey Stewart, the widow of PGA Tour golfer Payne Stewart, is selling more than 200 items from her late husband's personal collection with The Golf Auction, available now through March 14. Stewart died in a plane crash in 1999 at the age of 42. via

Why did Payne Stewart wear knickers?

For Thursday's first round, Rickie Fowler will wear knickers with argyle socks to honor his late golfing idol. Fowler was just 10 years old when Stewart won the thrilling 1999 U.S. Open over Phil Mickelson at Pinehurst, then died in a tragic plane accident a few months later. via

What do knickerbockers look like?

Knickerbockers or “knickers” are full or baggy trousers gathered at the knee or just below and usually fastened with either a button or buckle. Knickerbockers were initially worn by men in the late 19th century and gradually became part of women's fashion. via

Did they have jeans in the 1920s?

Jeans as workwear continued throughout the 1920s and 1930s, especially in the American West among miners, cowboys, and laborers. And Vogue featured its first model in denim on the cover in the '30s, hinting that jeans could perhaps be a fashion statement and not just sensible clothes for working folk. via

Where did the word britches come from?

You see, britches comes from the old English word “breeches” which simply means “trousers.” As we lost our British accent in this country, the long “e” sound morphed into more of a short “i” sound. via

What does Unabash mean?

unabashed un-uh-BASHT adjective. : not embarrassed or ashamed by something that has happened or been done or said : undisguised, unapologetic. via

What is the meaning of breeks?

Breeks is the Scots term for trousers or breeches. Outside Scotland the term breeks is often used to refer to breeches, a trouser similar to plus fours, especially when worn in Scotland and engaging in field sports such as deer stalking, and the activities of taking pheasant, duck, partridge and other game birds. via

Is Payne Stewart alive?

Payne Stewart via

Is knickers a bad word?

Knickers appears in a few British idioms, including most commonly get one's knickers in a twist (or bunch or knot), which means “to get overly upset” and is typically used in a rude command not to do that. via

Why are women's pants called knickers?

"Knickers" derives from "knickerbockers," or "loose-fitting short pants gathered at the knee." Because the city's early Dutch settlers wore those pants, "New Yorkers" became known as "Knickerbockers." via

Why are knickers called a pair?

“Pair,” from the Latin, means two like things. And pants (pantaloons) were originally two like things. You put them on one leg at a time because they actually came in two pieces. From the beginning, about the 16th Century, pants have been referred to as a pair. via

What do Americans call french knickers?

French knickers (also called tap pants in the United States) are a type of women's underwear or lingerie. The term is predominantly used in the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia to describe a style of underpant that is similar in look to a pair of shorts. via

At what age did boys stop wearing short pants?

Short trousers certainly became the norm for boys in the 1920s. Boys would wear short trousers until the age of about 13, and the schoolboy figure in socks and short trousers remained in fashion until the 1960s. via

What do you wear to rough shoot?

Best shooting jackets: we pick out a selection to consider

  • Socks/stockings with garters. Wear long socks with stockings, tied with garters to stop them falling.
  • Boots/wellies.
  • Ear protection.
  • Eye protection.
  • Shirt or T-shirt.
  • Shooting vest.
  • Gun.
  • Comfortable footwear.
  • via

    Why do shooting socks have garters?

    A shooting sock garter is a dual purpose addition to your outfit. Traditionally, the sock garter tie was used to hold your socks up and prevent them from falling down on your days shooting; with modern knitting techniques and yarns this can be prevented, however, some still use them for this purpose. via

    How do you wear garter socks? (video)

    Do people still wear knickerbockers?

    Golfers wear a special kind of trouser known as plus four trousers. The term knickerbocker, while still common, is not used much in popular culture when talking about today's style of dress. Women may choose to wear this medium length style of pants, but typically the trousers are targeted at men. via

    Did Payne Stewarts wife ever remarry?

    She never remarried, as Fred did in 1998, and continued to call the 1993 Golfer of the Year her “soulmate.” She last saw him at the funeral for Payne Stewart, the golfer who died in a 1999 plane crash. Deborah, friends say, had always craved the spotlight and feared losing either her looks or her money. via

    Has anyone ever been killed at a PGA event?

    William Payne Stewart (January 30, 1957 – October 25, 1999) was an American professional golfer who won eleven PGA Tour events, including three major championships in his career, the last of which occurred a few months before he died in an airplane accident at the age of 42. via

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