How To Use Aquacel


How do you use Aquacel dressing?

Ensure the skin around the wound edge is clean and dry. Apply AQUACEL® Ag+ dressing directly to the wound. Ensure the dressing overlaps the wound edges by at least 1cm, cut if needed. Cleanse your wound with clean water or specific wound cleansing product if advised by your healthcare professional. via

Can you moisten Aquacel?

If the wound bed is relatively dry, it is recommended that AQUACEL® Ag Dressing is placed in the wound and then moistened with sterile saline over the wound area only. The vertical absorption of the dressing will help to maintain the moist area over the wound only and reduce the risk of periwound maceration. via

How long can you leave Aquacel dressing on?

AQUACEL Surgical is designed to stay in place for up to 14 days or more, subject to clinical assessment. via

When do you use Aquacel?

Under the supervision of a health care professional, the AQUACEL® EXTRA™ Hydrofiber® Wound Dressing with Strengthening Fiber may be used for the management of leg ulcers, pressure injuries (stages 2-4) and diabetic ulcers; surgical wounds (post-operative, donor sites, dermatological); partial-thickness (second-degree) via

What does Aquacel do for a wound?

AQUACEL® Foam dressing is powered by Hydrofiber® technology which: Absorbs wound fluid and creates a soft gel, maintaining a moist wound environment. Locks in exudate through vertically wicking, reducing the risk of maceration. Helps minimize pain while in place and during dressing changes. via

How do I get rid of Aquacel? (video)

Should I wet Aquacel before applying?

Do not moisten prior to application, as this defeats its function as an absorbent dressing. Cautions. Do not use Aquacel on dry wounds. Dressing change. via

Do moist wounds heal faster?

Moist wound healing is the practice of keeping a wound in an optimally moist environment in order to promote faster healing. Research has shown that moist wound healing is three to five times quicker than the healing of wounds that are allowed to dry out. via

What do you put on a wet wound?

To treat shallow and wet wounds, select a foam dressing with an adhesive border, flat alginate, hydrofiber or a nonadherent contact layer. Cover dressings include adhesive foam, wrap gauze (if limb is involved) or product with adhesive border. The periwound also needs protection from moisture. via

How does silver help wound healing?

Ovington explains that silver impregnated products, which provide a sustained release of positively charged silver ions at the wound surface, can promote wound healing and decrease infection by killing bacteria. via

How do you pack a wound with Aquacel?

Aquacel should overlap 1 cm onto the intact skin surrounding the wound since it will shrink as it absorbs wound fluid and then cover with a sterile secondary dressing. 2. On lightly exuding wounds it is possible to apply the dressing then lightly moisten the area directly over the wound with Normal Saline. via

How do you use Aquacel AG advantage?

For dry wounds and minimally exuding wounds: Place the AQUACEL® Ag Advantage enhanced Hydrofiber® dressing with silver and strengthening fiber in the wound and then wet with sterile saline over the wound area only. via

What is Aquacel extra made of?

Aquacel is a primary wound dressing made from sodium carboxymethylcellulose. It is produced as a textile fibre and presented in the form of a fleece held together by a needle bonding process, and is available both as a `ribbon' for packing cavities, and as a flat non-woven pad for application to larger open wounds. via

What type of dressing is Aquacel?

Aquacel Ag® (ConvaTec, Princeton, NJ, USA) is a new hydrofiber wound dressing consisting of soft non-woven sodium carboxymethylcellulose fibers integrated with ionic silver. It is a moisture-retention dressing, which forms a gel on contact with wound fluid and has antimicrobial properties of ionic silver. via

What is comparable to Aquacel AG?

Alginate Silver is a material contains calcium alginate and silver alginate. It is a highly absorbent wound dressing with good antimicrobial properties, which is similar to Aquacel Ag [4]. via

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