How To Sell Bradford Exchange Collector Plates


Are Bradford Exchange plates worth anything?

A few of these figurines have held their own or increased in price over time, but many of them are selling in the $1 to $10 price range today. You can say the same thing about Bradford Exchange collector plates and other similar brands. Since the 1970s, millions of these types of plates have been sold. via

Do Bradford Exchange items increase in value?

Second, the Bradford Exchange letter admits the market goes down as well as up. You had better believe it does. In fact, the value of most limited edition items goes down and stays down. It is an exception, not the rule, when something increases above its initial purchase value and retains that value. via

How much are gone with the wind plates worth?

The complete set is usually sold for $225 to $250 online and individual prices for plates vary, depending on the costumes that they depict. via

Which Norman Rockwell plates are worth money?

Norman Rockwell collector plates are only worth about $10.

According to Antique Trader, Norman Rockwell plates once valued at $50 to $75 sell for $10 a plate. Norman Rockwell collector plates are only worth about $10. via

Can you eat off collector plates?

We do not recommend not using old ware unless it shows signs of deterioration such as cracking or pitting of the glaze. This could be a sign that the glaze is disintegrating and could allow lead to leach into food. via

What is the most collectible item?

  • Antique Furniture. Any time you stumble across something old, it's worth looking into.
  • Vinyl Records.
  • Comic Books.
  • Coins and Currency.
  • Classic Cars.
  • Trading Cards.
  • Dolls and Toys.
  • Stamps.
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    How do you clean collector plates?

  • Fill the tub with hot water.
  • Pour three-quarter cups of dishwashing soap for each cell.
  • Leave the cells to soak for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Agitate the cells in the water to help dislodge debris.
  • Rinse the cells under warm water.
  • Gently dry with a soft towel.
  • Reinstall components after drying.
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    Can you give me a phone number for the Bradford Exchange?

    Bradford Exchange via

    How do I contact Bradford Exchange by phone?

    You may reach our Customer Service department toll free at 1-866-503-9057. via

    What's the name of the plantation in Gone With the Wind?

    Gone With The Wind fans in search of Tara, the O'Hara plantation house, will need to travel 30 minutes south of Atlanta to the "Official Home of Gone With The Wind", Clayton County, where Margaret Mitchell set much of the novel. via

    How do I know if my china is valuable?

    If you can see a lot of light coming through the piece, you most likely have china with bone ash in it. Examine the color. Noritake also notes that the color of bone china tends to be more ivory than white. If your piece is pure white, it is more likely to be hard or soft porcelain. via

    How much are Disney plates worth?

    Some of the most valuable collector plates come from the 1930s to the 1950s, and can be worth $50 to $100. Plates produced after the 1950s are still valuable ($25 to $50), though it is easier to find them in mint condition, which provides a lower overall value. via

    Are Norman Rockwell paintings worth anything?

    Major Norman Rockwell works routinely can sell for tens of millions of dollars, while even his lesser-known paintings sell routinely for six figures. The most ever paid for a Norman Rockwell painting at auction is $46,085,000 for the piece. via

    Can you eat off of Bradford Exchange plates?

    Limited-edition collector plates are for display purposes only. They should never be used for serving food because of the rare metallic pigments fired into the plates for color fidelity. via

    Why can't you eat off charger plates?

    In addition to standard china, chargers are made of metal, wood, glass, plastic, mother of pearl, and even leather. And they may be decorated with substances that can be toxic if ingested. In other words, DON'T SERVE FOOD ON CHARGERS OR EAT OFF OF THEM UNLESS THEY ARE SPECIFICALLY MADE TO BE USED AS SUCH. via

    Why are charger plates not safe for food?

    Chargers plates are not intended to come in contact with the food that will be eaten. Their purpose is to add to the visual effect of your table, allow servers to easily replace the bowls and plates held on the charger and prevent stains and damage to your linens by catching food and spills! via

    What old stuff is worth money?

    So to help you along, here are 15 old things in your house that could be worth a fortune.

  • via

    Are funko pops worth money?

    Collecting Funko Pops Can Be Worth It!

    There are several instances where Funko Pops have become quite valuable and their owners have turned a nice profit. However, most Funko Pops collectors aren't in it for the money; they are genuine collectors. via

    What will be valuable in 20 years?

    30 Things We All Own (That Will Be Worth A Ton In 20 Years)

  • 30 First Generation iPod Shuffle.
  • 29 Coins.
  • 28 Pocket Polly.
  • 27 Lego.
  • 26 Sneakers.
  • 25 First Edition Modern Books.
  • 24 Star Wars Collectibles.
  • 23 Pokemon Cards.
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    What does firing Days mean?

    If this is referring to a piece of pottery / ceramics, then it would mean that the edition (number produced) is limited to the number that were produced in 75 days that were set aside for firing this item. via

    What time does Bradford Exchange customer service open?

    You may reach our Client Service department at 02 9841 3311 Monday-Friday, between 8:00am and 5:00pm (EST) and one of our friendly team members will look into this for you. A representative will gladly take your order. via

    Is the Bradford Exchange open?

    Bradford Exchange Regular Business Hours

    Weekdays: The customer service department is open Monday through Friday 7am to 6pm, CST. If a major holiday falls during the week, the customer service department is closed. Weekends: The customer service department is closed on Saturday and Sunday. via

    How long does it take to get something from the Bradford Exchange?

    With standard shipping and service, you should generally receive your item within 3 weeks, but it could take up to 6 to 8 weeks. If an item has a delivery timeframe beyond this, it will be stated on the item detail page. via

    What is the return address for Bradford Exchange?

    All returns will be sent via the U.S. Postal Service to our Returns Center at 854 Golf Lane, Bensenville, IL 60105. via

    How do I cancel my Bradford Exchange rewards?

    To cancel The Bradford Exchange Rewards from your online account, sign in with your member credentials at Once you've signed in, click “Account” on your main menu, then select “Cancel Membership” from the dropdown. via

    Where is the real Tara plantation?

    The O'Hara plantation in Clayton County, Georgia was the film's most potent symbol. The site for the construction of the “Tara” set was Selznick International Studios' “Forty Acres” production lot in Culver City, California. via

    How much money did Margaret Mitchell make from Gone with the Wind?

    Mitchell won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1937 for the book. Two years later, she sold the movie rights for $50,000. Although controversial for its sanitized portrayal of slavery, as well as omnipresent racial stereotypes, “Gone With the Wind” is still one of the most popular American novels of all time. via

    How much did Twelve Oaks sell for?


    Though the movie wasn't shot at the Monticello Street manor, the film's “Twelve Oaks” property was inspired by it, according to the Journal-Constitution. via

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