How To Reset Peoplenet


Is there a reset button on omnitracs?

Impact: Driver must reset the IVG using the hard reset button. IVGs occasionally get stuck on the Omnitracs splash screen and doesn't launch applications. Impact: Unit freezes, driver must reset the IVG using the hard reset button. via

What is PeopleNet OBC?

PeopleNet, a provider of integrated onboard computing and mobile communications systems, announced the launch of PeopleNet Tablet, an optionally portable onboard computer that eliminates the need for additional hand-held devices in the cab. via

How do I reset my omnitracs eld? (video)

How do I hard reset my Qualcomm?

In order to do this, press the home button, then press and hold the speech key button in the top right corner. After a few seconds of holding the button, you'll hear a beep, and the device will restart. This is a good first step to take if your machine has frozen. This should take about 32 seconds. via

How do I reset my eld? (video)

How do you edit logs in omnitracs? (video)

How do I calibrate my Qualcomm touch screen? (video)

Is Qualcomm an ELD?

Qualcomm , or Omnitracs, is an onboard computer with a messaging system, GPS navigation, an electronic logging device (ELD), and more. It is tied into the truck's computer and also allows trucking companies to track where the driver is at, monitor the truck, and exchange messages with the driver - similar to email. via

How do I turn off my Qualcomm? (video)

How do you send logs on omnitracs? (video)

How do I reset my PeopleNet tablet?

A hard reboot button is available under the top access panel on the PeopleNet Displays. 5's right side. Open the top access panel. Hold in the button to reboot the device if needed. via

Can I use my phone for ELD?

Guidance: Yes. An ELD can be on a smartphone or other wireless device if the device meets the ELD rule's technical specifications. If the device is a portable it must be mounted in a fixed position during commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operation and visible to the driver from a normal seated driving position. via

How do I connect to KeepTruckin ELD? (video)

How do I edit my logs? (video)

Can you edit drive time on eld?

Can a user edit or change driving time that has been recorded by an electronic logging device (ELD) to non-driving time? A7. No. An ELD automatically records all of the time that a CMV is in motion as driving time that cannot be edited or changed to non-driving time. via

How do I edit Qualcomm logs? (video)

How do you calibrate omnitracs? (video)

How do I turn on my Qualcomm? (video)

Does Western Express have automatic trucks?

The New International LT C10 Edition. Cummins Power – X15 Efficiency Series Engine. Automatic Transmissions. Bluetooth Hands Free Radio. via

How do you recap hours?

Here's a basic explanation of the recap hours; Recaps are the hours you get back after the 8th day. Basically you have 70 hours to last 8 days after the 8th day you get back the hours you worked on the first. via

How much does a Qualcomm unit cost?

MCP50 is available for $799 (standard retail price) through local dealers and resellers that are part of the Pana-Pacific distribution network or directly from Qualcomm Enterprise Services, which offers six different monthly service pricing plans — starting at $19.95 per month. via

How do I log into omnitracs? (video)

How do you go off duty on omnitracs?

In the HOS panel of the Mobile Dashboard, select the Duty Status tile. The Change Duty Status screen appears. 2. Select OFF from the status options at the bottom of the screen. via

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