How To Program Orbit Sprinkler System


How do you program an orbit 4 timer? (video)

How do I reset my orbit sprinkler system?

Reset to Factory Default – Orbit Irrigation B-hyve Help. To reset your timer back to factory settings: Turn the timer to the OFF position by rotating the dial. Open the front panel and press the reset button for 10 seconds. via

How do you program an orbit easy dial timer advanced programming? (video)

How do you manually start an orbit sprinkler system? (video)

Why is my orbit timer not working?

If you are still not getting power, the timer may be defective. Turn the flow-control stem located at the connection from the Orbit to the main water line in a counterclockwise direction if one or more of the sprinklers is not responding to programming. Recheck the programming of the Orbit to ensure it is correct. via

How do I set the orbit timer on my water? (video)

How do you troubleshoot an orbit sprinkler system?

  • Check the programming settings if one or more stations are not turning on.
  • Check the valves in the ground sprinkler controls if some of the stations are not working.
  • Check the Station Delay settings if sprinklers are not turning on when they are programmed to.
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    Why does my orbit sprinkler system run twice?

    A common reason why a program is repeating is that you have a second start time set. The start times control the exact time your ESP-Me timer will begin to water and they also control how many times a day your timer will water. The ESP-Me allows you to set up to 6 start times per program. via

    Where is reset button on orbit?

  • Push the "Reset" button (located in the bottom-right corner) to clear all previously programmed data if you're programming the Orbit sprinkler timer for the first time.
  • Twist the dial to "Time/Date" to set the date.
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    How do I program my orbit 56544 timer? (video)

    How do I program my orbit 9 timer? (video)

    How do I adjust my orbit oscillating sprinkler? (video)

    How do you run an orbit sprinkler system test?

  • Turn the dial to the "Auto" position and press the "Manual" key to test the valves on Easy Dial and Easy Set Orbit timers.
  • Turn the dial to the "Auto" position and move the slide switch for the desired valve up to the "Manual On" position to test valves on Orbit's "Individual Station Slide" timers.
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    How do I manually test my sprinkler system? (video)

    How do I adjust the water pressure on my orbit sprinkler valve? (video)

    How do I test my sprinkler timer? (video)

    How long does a sprinkler timer last?

    The hose timer can be set to a water duration range of one minute to 240 minutes (four hours), and it can also be programmed to a frequency of once every six hours to once every seven days, with a specific time to activate throughout the scheduled time period. via

    How do I hook up my orbit sprinkler timer? (video)

    How do you set a mechanical sprinkler timer?

  • Slide the “Program” switch to the option that allows you to establish your settings.
  • Choose the appropriate zone, if you have them.
  • Set the current date and time.
  • Set the length of time you wish the valves to stay open.
  • Choose which days you want the sprinklers to come on.
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    How do you use an orbit watering system? (video)

    How do you find a hidden sprinkler head?

    Measure the distance between visible sprinkler heads with a measuring tape. Sprinkler heads will likely be spaced evenly in a set pattern across your landscape. Look for an unusually wide gap between otherwise evenly spaced heads; a buried sprinkler head may sit midway between them. via

    Why would one sprinkler zone not work?

    A lawn sprinkler system is usually divided into two or more zones that water independently of each other. Each zone consists of several sprinkler heads controlled by a valve that is electrically activated. If a single zone is not working, the problem is usually an electrical issue or a defective controller or solenoid. via

    Why do my sprinklers stay on?

    More often than not, there will be a valve that is stuck in the “open” position on the pressurized system. When the valve remains open, water continues to run down the line, which causes your sprinkler to continuously run even when the timer is in the “off” position. via

    How do you program a Rainbird sprinkler system? (video)

    What causes sprinklers to not shut off?

    Your sprinkler zone may not be shutting off because of an open or loose solenoid. If this is the case, twisting the solenoid clockwise can both tighten and close it. In more extreme circumstances, the solenoid may not be functioning properly and need replacing. Thankfully, these devices are very easy to replace. via

    How do I reset my Bhyve WIFI?

    Open the front panel and press the reset button for 10 seconds this will erase all programming and set the timer back to its original settings. This will also put the timer into pairing mode. via

    What does no AC mean on my orbit sprinkler system?

    The "No AC" means the battery is powering the unit but won't power the sprinkler controls. It's either the prime power source or the unit. via

    How do I program my orbit 56619? (video)

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