How To Make Ceiling Drapes


What is the best fabric for draping a ceiling?

Voile is a light, airy fabric that is perfect for ceiling draping; it gives then entire room a feeling that is very organic and natural. When draped, it creates easy and elegant curved lines and layers. via

How much fabric do I need to drape a ceiling?

1 Divide your measurement for the length of the area by two and multiply by 130% (1.3) to allow for fabric draping swag. This is the amount of fabric you will need for each panel for the length of the area. 2 Divide your measurement for the width of the area by two and multiply by 130% (1.3). via

How do you hang fabric from ceiling?

Stapling the fabric along the line where the wall meets the ceiling is one of the simplest fixed hanging methods. Arrange the fabric into pleats as you staple, and then glue gimp or ribbon along the top to hide the staples. You can also hang floor-to-ceiling fabric with hook-and-loop tape. via

How do you Drape tulle from ceiling?

Stick small hooks in the ceiling from which to hang the tulle. Use permanent anchors or self-stick as preferred. Rub each location with a cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol to ensure adhesive sticks, as applicable. Use a drill to attach permanent anchors. via

How do you hang fabric on ceiling without nails?

  • 1 Attaching Adhesive Velcro Strips.
  • 2 Hanging Fabric with Clothespins and Velcro Strips.
  • 3 Hanging Fabric with a Back Pocket on a Curtain Rod.
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    What is the best material to use for draping?

    Voile is my number one fabric choice for draping wedding arches or long flowy curtains. The reason why this fabric is so good for outdoor weddings is that it drapes easily, the width is double the size of any other fabric at 118″. Voile is a flame retardant fabric which comes in handy with candles and champagne. via

    How can I hang curtains from the ceiling without drilling?

  • Use 3M Command Hooks.
  • Try Kwik-Hang Curtain Rod Brackets.
  • Use Tension Rods.
  • Get Creative With Coat Hooks.
  • Try Magnetic Rods on Metal Doors.
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    How do you drape a room with fabric?

    Step 1: Attach wires or heavy cord in a horizontal row just below the ceiling of your room using a staple gun or hooks screwed into the wall. Step 2: Drape strips of fabric across each wire, allowing the fabric to hang a little between each wire to create the wave. Do this until you reach the other side of the room. via

    How do you calculate pipe and drape?

    Take the area you want to cover and multiply it by 1. Divide that number by the width of the drapes (panels) you want to use to get the number of drapes to order. For example: If you are covering a 200' space and you want to use panels that are 10' wide: 200' x 1 = 200' / 10' panels = 20 panels to order. via

    How do you hide a fabric ceiling?

    Attach One Side of the Fabric

    Using a ladder to reach the ceiling, place pushpins along the folded end of the fabric to attach it to the edge of the ceiling in the corner where the ceiling and wall meet. Note: Choose thumbtacks that are clear or match the color of the cloth so that they are less prominent. via

    What is the cheapest way to cover a ceiling?

  • Paint. It's a great way to change the perception of your space.
  • Tin Tiles. Hide damage and uneven surfaces with tin ceiling tiles that introduce a vintage vibe.
  • Moldings and More.
  • Tiles or Planks.
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    Does a black ceiling make a room look smaller?

    The design myth that's been going around for as long as I can remember is that dark paint colors tend to make rooms appear smaller. When designed right, and paired with lighter colors and textures to balance out the contrast of the room, a black painted ceiling can make a room appear larger. via

    How do you hang wedding ceiling drapes? (video)

    What is a stretch ceiling system?

    A Stretch Ceiling is a suspended ceiling system consisting of two basic components – a perimeter track and lightweight fabric membrane which stretches and clips into the track. In addition to ceilings the system can be used for wall coverings, light diffusers, floating panels, exhibitions and creative shapes. via

    How do you hang a hula hoop from the ceiling? (video)

    Can I hang a curtain rod from the ceiling?

    If you plan to use adhesive hooks installed directly on the ceiling to hang your curtains, it is important that the ceiling surface is smooth and is not unevenly textured. Remove the curtain rods and place the curtains onto the rods. Place your rods back onto the ceiling hooks and you've got ceiling curtains. via

    How do you hang something from the ceiling without damaging it?

    If the decoration weighs too much to use tape or a tack, but weighs under five pounds, you can use an adhesive hook to hang it from the ceiling. These hooks come in various sizes, and many of them have special release tabs that allow you to remove the hook without damaging paint. via

    Can Command hooks hold a curtain rod?

    Look no further than 3M Command hooks. Yes, the same hooks you use for hanging pictures, keys, mugs, and plants. An easy hack turns them into quick DIY supports for your curtain rod and that splash of color, sun shade, or bit of privacy you've been searching for. via

    Which fiber is not suitable for drapery?

    8.11). Fabrics made from heavy, coarse yarn, and in dense construction do not drape well. Fabrics that have long floats in weave can be more flexible, bending more easily and improving draping quality. via

    Does nylon have good drape?

    Nylon is the most commonly used fiber in the textile industry today, one of the strongest fabrics on the market, and can be dyed easily. It drapes well and is used in designing a range of apparel. via

    Does organza drape well?

    Organza fabric is a lightweight, plain weave material with a crisp hand. It has an outstanding drape and is often used by tailors to create dresses and skirts with volume. Organza is also a very strong fabric, so do not be tricked by its sheer look. via

    How do you stick curtains to the ceiling? (video)

    How high should curtains be from the ceiling?

    DO Hang High

    The higher the curtain rod, the taller the window will appear, so fix your curtain rod closer to the ceiling than the top of your window, if you can. One rule of thumb is that they should sit 4-6 inches above the window frame. via

    How do you fix a curtain without a rod?

  • 1 – Hooks. There are a number of hooks you can use to hang your curtains.
  • 2 – Drawer Pulls.
  • 3 – Rope.
  • 4 – Tree Branches.
  • 5 – Sports Equipment.
  • 6 – Nails.
  • 7 – Copper Pipes.
  • 8 – Upholstery Tacks.
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    How do you cover a whole wall with curtains?

  • Measure the length and width of the wall space you wish to cover, using a tape measure.
  • Choose your curtains.
  • Clear away the clutter against the wall you wish to cover.
  • Join 10-foot lengths of conduit with set-screw conduit couplings until your rod is the desired length.
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    How do you hang a fabric backdrop? (video)

    How do you drape a backdrop? (video)

    How expensive is pipe and drape?

    HOW MUCH DOES PIPE AND DRAPE COST? Pipe and drape rentals start at $119 for the 8 foot tall by 12 foot wide kit. Many sizes are available! All prices include FREE shipping both ways. via

    How do you measure fabric for a backdrop?

    You would take the area that you're trying to cover and multiply it by 1. → 5 foot wide drape + 5 foot wide drape = 10 total feet of fabric width. → Using this example, you would need 2 drapes for 0% Fullness. You would take the area that you're trying to cover and multiply it by 1.5. via

    How much fabric do you need for a backdrop?

    To make a simple backdrop you will need: About 4-5 yards (12 to 15 feet) of natural or white muslin. Buy the widest width you can find. (Try to find one that is at least 108 inches.) via

    Can I put fabric on my ceiling?

    Choose Your Look

    There is not one single right way to cover a ceiling with fabric. You can use the fabric as you would paint for a sleek and fitted look or gather and drape the fabric for a billowy and romantic effect. A richly-colored or patterned fabric can bring depth and warmth to a large, plain room. via

    What is the easiest ceiling to install?

    Surface-mount ceiling tiles are easy to install. The grid for this system is much easier that the drop-ceiling grid, and the tiles attach directly to the grid. This is another project that can be done by one person, and in most cases, the tiles that go into place can be easily cut to size using scissors. via

    What can I put on my ceiling instead of drywall?

  • Wood Planks.
  • Plastic Panels.
  • Plywood.
  • Veneer Plaster.
  • Pegboard.
  • Lath and Plaster.
  • Wahoo Walls.
  • Textured Wall Panels.
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