How To Get Hired At Chipotle


Does Chipotle hire easily?

Working as a crew member at Chipotle can be a great entry-level job as they prefer to train people with no experience. Getting hired isn't hard; you just have to do your research and have the 13 characteristics that Chipotle looks for in prospective team members. via

Is Chipotle a hard job to get?

The thing is, Chipotle can be demanding and difficult depending on your circumstances. It's the same in a lot of food service places. And sometimes, you really don't have any control over what's making your job difficult. via

How do you pass a Chipotle interview? (video)

How long does Chipotle take to hire you?

The application

Most people apply online, and the process typically takes between 1-2 weeks. Make sure to fill out all parts of the application and be honest. via

What do they ask at a Chipotle interview?

Chipotle Service Manager: Well, at first, we'll ask if you're in school and we'll ask if you want to work part-time, full-time, what positions they intend to work, whether that's the cash, grill or line. We'll ask what hours they prefer to work. We are very open-minded, so we are open to all people. via

How much does Chipotle pay per hour?

The wage increases for new and existing hourly and salaried restaurant employees will be rolled out over the next few weeks and will result in hourly crew member starting wages ranging from $11-$18 per hour. Chipotle announced it is increasing restaurant wages resulting in a $15 average hourly wage by the end of June. via

How long is training at Chipotle?

What is orientation at Chipotle? You will be assisted by a crew member or a boss. After completing 4 hours of training videos, you will participate in a 3-day training with a coworker. On the first day, you will shadow the worker, on the second day, you will both work, and on the third day, the teacher will shadow you. via

Does Chipotle have paid breaks?

Chipotle mandates employees take one uninterrupted 30-minute meal break if they work over five hours, and two 30-minute meal breaks if they work more than 10 hours. If employees work more than six hours a day, they are to take two paid rest breaks of at least 10 minutes each. via

How long does a Chipotle interview last?

The job is very simple but it can also be very annoying. My interview was 5 minutes and pretty basic and was hired on the spot. I think it all depends on location but my interviewer... via

How do you answer how should we hire you?

  • Show that you have skills and experience to do the job and deliver great results.
  • Highlight that you'll fit in and be a great addition to the team.
  • Describe how hiring you will make their life easier and help them achieve more.
  • via

    Does Chipotle do drug test?

    No, they do not run any drug tests or background checks. So if you've gone to jail and need a job desperately, Chipotle's where it's at. via

    Does Chipotle have a uniform?

    Get your Chipotle uniform (aka shirts and hats) for free. By the way, the amount of uniforms you get depends on the average number of hours or shifts you work. via

    Does Chipotle hold your first check?

    Chipotle does not hold back your first paycheck. via

    What should I expect at a Chipotle interview?

    Chipotle Interview Tips

  • Arrive five minutes early.
  • Don't speak too fast, as you will sound nervous.
  • Don't speak too slow as you will sound boring.
  • Make good eye contact during the interview.
  • Don't ask about time off.
  • Sit up straight to prevent you from mumbling.
  • via

    Does Chipotle require a resume?

    7 answers. Yes, a resume is recomended to show your knowledge and skills in other areas other than the resturant. No you just need to fill out application online. You do not need a resume but if you would like you can provide one. via

    What do I need to bring for a Chipotle interview?

    Chipotle interviews their candidates in-person, so make sure you have a professional outfit ready to go. Business casual should be appropriate, and you can keep your style relaxed; just don't show up in sweatpants. Bring a resume. When you're in the interview, make sure you bring a resume. via

    How do you answer tell me about yourself in Chipotle?

    Interview Answer

    Intelligent person who love to work and learn new things, and I don't think it's a hard part at Chipotle. They was first started in 1993. Criticism doesn't really have a effect on me, that make me work harder. To stay humble and calm about the situation, and do my best to please the customer. via

    Does Chipotle pay 15 dollars an hour?

    Chipotle, looking to attract workers, will raise its average wage to $15 an hour. Hoping to attract more employees, Chipotle said on Monday that it was increasing its wages to an average of $15 an hour by the end of June. via

    Do you get paid weekly at Chipotle?

    How much does Chipotle pay weekly? Chipotle pays bi-weekly. via

    Is working at Chipotle worth it?

    Overall it's a pretty great experience. They pay for your breaks, they have great management for it to be a fast-food restaurant. The food is also real and I know that for sure because I cook it. Great work environment. via

    Is working at Chipotle stressful?

    The job is physically rough and labor intensive for back of the house people (grill and prep) and it can be exhausting. The job can be very mentally rough for front of the house people (cashier and line) when dealing with customers and everyone when dealing with managers. via

    What do I wear to Chipotle training?

    4 answers. Yes, the attire was a chipotle shirt and chipotle hat with jeans and non slip shoes. Yes, but you don't get trained properly. You watch the videos and get thrown in a busy night. via

    How much do u get paid at Chipotle?

    How much does a Crew Member at Chipotle make? The typical Chipotle Crew Member salary is $14 per hour. Crew Member salaries at Chipotle can range from $12 - $15 per hour. This estimate is based upon 22 Chipotle Crew Member salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods. via

    How much does a Chipotle crew member make?

    How much does a Crew Member at Chipotle make? The typical Chipotle Crew Member salary is $12 per hour. Crew Member salaries at Chipotle can range from $8 - $18 per hour. via

    Do Chipotle workers get tips?

    No tips are allowed at chipotle. Tip are divided among employees and staff. via

    Does Chipotle give holiday pay?

    Per year each employee received three paid leave days. We work for the vacation hours. As a apprentice you get 80 hours of vacation time, sick pay, and paid holidays. via

    Can you wear jeans to a Chipotle interview?

    Every day clothes are fine. Nothing too distracting, something like a plain long sleeve or t-shirt with a pair of jeans is fine. The uniform is the black hat and t-shirt, with jeans or chinos. via

    Does Chipotle let you know if you didn't get the job?

    Yes they will contact you incase you do not get the job. The Chipotle recruiting system will notify if your application was received, if they'r interested on moving forward with the individual applicant they will contact you. They will not contact you to inform you you didn't get the job. via

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