How To Get An Arizona Id


What do you need to get an ID in Arizona?

  • Proof of identity. Bring ONE of the following: Certified birth certificate. U.S. passport.
  • Proof of Social Security Number. Bring ONE of the following: Social Security card. W-2 form.
  • Proof of Arizona residency. Bring TWO of these showing your current address: Utility bill.
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    Can I get my AZ ID online?

    PHOENIX – Arizona motorists who've had their Driver License suspended may now order a temporary six-month I.D. card online at Until now, this service required an in-person visit to an Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division office. via

    How much does an AZ ID cost?

    The cost is $25.00. Applicants must apply in person. via

    How long does it take to get an Arizona ID card?

    For Your Safety and Security

    Customers doing a driver license or identification card transaction at an MVD or Authorized Third Party office will receive their credential in the mail at the address listed on their application. Customers should allow up to 15 days to receive it in the mail. via

    What is proof of residency in Arizona?

    Approved documents are:

    Valid Arizona driver's license, Arizona identification card or motor vehicle registration. Real estate deed or mortgage documents. Property tax bill (most recent) Valid Residential lease or rental agreement (signed by both landlord & tenant) via

    Can you get an Arizona ID without a birth certificate?

    If the applicant has had an AZ ID after 1994, then no ID is necessary. One form must be a primary, usually a birth certificate, passport or active or retired military ID, these forms contain the legal name and birth date of the individual. The 2nd or 3rd form is considered a secondary. via

    How can I get my ID?

  • Complete a Driver's License (DL) or ID Card Application.
  • Visit a DMV office, where you will: Provide your social security number (SSN). Verify your identity with an acceptable identity document. Your current name needs to match the name on the identity document.
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    Can I get a new state ID online?

    You have the option of replacing a lost, damaged or stolen state ID card online through e-Services. You must be a U.S. citizen with a valid Social Security number. Replacement ID cards can only be mailed to your residence address. via

    Can you fly without a star ID?

    What happens if my ID doesn't have a star? You must present an acceptable ID, such as a valid passport, state-issued enhanced driver's license or U.S. military ID, to fly within the U.S. You will not be allowed to fly if your identity cannot be verified. via

    Can I get my REAL ID online?

    You can get a REAL ID at any time, but you will need to go to a DMV Office. You cannot get a REAL ID online, by phone, or through mail. via

    Can you get a state ID without address?

    You don't need a permanent home to obtain a state-issued identification card. Many people assume that a permanent residence is necessary to obtain an ID card because most types of ID, like a driver's license or passport, display the holder's home address. via

    What counts as proof of residency?

    Current official document with your name and address

    A utility bill, credit card statement, lease agreement or mortgage statement will all work to prove residency. via

    How do I claim residency in Arizona?

    Documents required to prove residency include proof of employment or an Arizona state income tax return. And the Arizona Department of Revenue considers a person who lives in Arizona for nine months of a taxable year to be a resident. via

    How do I get a state ID without a birth certificate?

  • A valid U.S. passport or passport card.
  • A valid (or expired one year ago or less) U.S. state-issued driver license, ID card or photo instruction permit.
  • A verification ID letter from the DSH Children's Administration for foster youth.
  • A refugee verification packet.
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    Do I need my birth certificate to get my license in Arizona?

    The birth certificate must be an original copy. A birth certificate from another country or delayed certificate will also be accepted. Your US passport or foreign passport if it includes a US visa or waiver or an admissions stamp. You may also use an I-94 form, permanent resident or resident alien card. via

    What can I use if I don't have photo ID?

    If you have no photo ID, a copy of your original Birth Certificate or National Insurance Card will be accepted provided it is accompanied by a passport sized photo that is countersigned on the back by someone who can confirm your identity. via

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