How To Check If My Tabc Is Expired


How do I check my TABC status?

  • Go to the Seller Training/TABC Certification Inquiry System.
  • Click “Certificate Inquiry” link on the left side of the screen.
  • Enter your Social Security number without any dashes.
  • Enter your birth date (MM/DD/YYYY).
  • Follow the security measures instructions and click “search.”
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    How long does it take for a TABC to expire?

    TABC certification is valid for two years from the date of course completion. You can renew your certification every two years by taking our online TABC course and passing the online exam again. via

    How do I get my TABC?

    Proof of TABC certification can also be obtained by contacting TABC Seller Training by phone at 512-206-3420 or by email [email protected]. Note: Registration is not required. You can reprint your TABC certificate at any time by signing into your SellerServerClasses account. via

    How do I renew my TABC?

    TABC offers license and permit renewal through our online portal. Visit our Online Services portal and click the Licensing button to renew. If you'd like to submit your forms in person or by mail, visit the Renew License and Permit Forms page. via

    How do I get my TABC license online?

    You can sign up for this training online through our Texas Responsible Alcohol Delivery (TRAD) page. This is the newest training TABC offers, and it covers similar topics to seller/server certification. However, this training focuses on the specific situations and regulations consumer delivery drivers will encounter. via

    How do I reprint my TABC certificate?

    Visit the TABC website or call the TABC at 512-206-3420. Click “Get a Copy of My TABC Certificate,” located on the right-hand side of the TABC website's homepage. When the page loads, you will find directions for a certificate inquiry. This is now the preferred way to get a copy of your certificate. via

    How long after selling an alcoholic beverage to a minor?

    (1) If the holder of a Seller Server Certificate sells or serves an alcoholic beverage to a minor or intoxicated person, the certificate holder must be recertified within 30 days of the violation. via

    What questions are on the TABC test?

    What is the TABC Certification test? The TABC (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission) test is 25 questions long and covers Texas alcohol laws dealing with preventing intoxication, identifying minors, alcohol's affects on the body, law enforcement policy, and providing for the safety of intoxicated persons. via

    Can you get your TABC at 17?

    First of all, the TABC has no age requirements for students who wish to get their TABC certification. That doesn't mean you can legally sell alcohol in the state of Texas, but you can enroll in a TABC certification course. via

    How much does TABC certification cost?

    $7.95 TABC Alcohol Seller and Server Certification. $7.95 state approved TABC alcohol seller/server certification. via

    Can a child sit at the bar in Texas?

    As long as a legal guardian is present – and the bar permits patrons under the age of 21 – a minor can get wasted with his or her parents (although if you drink too much, you can get charged with public intoxication). via

    How fast is TABC On The Fly?

    Fast. No more spending 4-6 hours waiting on a course timer to run down. TABC On The Fly has the fastest online TABC certification course on the market. via

    How do you renew your driver's license?

    Begin the online renewal process, or call 1-866-DL RENEW (1-866-357-3639) to renew by telephone. If you renew online, you will be provided with an opportunity to provide and/or update your emergency contact information. via

    What are the keys to customer observation?

    What are the keys to customer observation?

  • First thing's first, always pay attention to how your customers look!
  • Next, observe what your customers are doing!
  • Then, observe how your customers are reacting to various stimuli.
  • Lastly, keep tabs on how much alcohol has been purchased or consumed by your customers!
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