How To Call Us Cellular From My Cell Phone


How do I call U.S. Cellular from my cell phone?

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Does * 228 work for U.S. Cellular?

US Cellular tends to install new towers with regular intervals which means the PRL has to be updated as well. This is why US Cellular has designed *228 code because it helps update the preferred roaming list, as well as the cell towers. via

What is error code 408 for U.S. Cellular?

This error means that the phone did not receive a reply from the server(or there is no connectivity with it) and is common with new installations or when changing the network connectivity, i.e. being it 3G/4G or WiFi network. via

Why is U.S. Cellular service so bad?

The bad: U.S. Cellular only has 10.27% coverage on their primary network. They don't have any unlimited data plan options and their data slows to 2G speeds when you reach your limit. Their plans are relatively expensive considering you don't receive any perks like a subscription to Netflix, Hulu, or HBO. via

What is the 3 digit number to call U.S. Cellular?

Here's how to contact support:

Call 611 from your U.S. Cellular® phone. Call 888-944-9400 from any phone. via

What is U.S. Cellular customer service number?

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Is * 228 still a thing?

If your phone is 3G and does not have a SIM card, you can easily update your towers by dialing *228 and choosing option 2. However, if your phone is 4G and has a SIM card, updating your roaming towers in this way can do more damage than good to your SIM card. via

How do I update my cell phone towers US Cellular?

Many carriers give you a number to call to update cell towers and other PRL information. For example, you can get a Verizon or U.S. Cellular carrier update for cell towers on U.S. Cellular and Verizon phones by dialing 228 or on *Sprint** and Virgin Mobile USA phones by dialing ##873283#. via

How do I reset my US Cellular Towers?

  • Open the "Settings" menu on your phone.
  • Select the option "About Phone" or "Phone Info."
  • Select the option "Update" followed by "Update PRL." Wait for the phone to instruct you that it will reset the network. Select the option "OK." The device may reboot automatically.
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    Why is US Cellular Data so slow?

    It might be due to lots of apps on your device or the hardware of the Smartphone might be outdated or inferior, such as cheap Android devices and older Smartphones. Even so, the type of applications on your phone, cheap or high-end can actually affect your browsing speed. via

    How do I fix US Cellular error 408?

  • Check your internet connection.
  • Restart the device to restore internet connectivity and other functions on the device.
  • If the problem is from the company's side, then wait for some time, and the error will automatically get fixed.
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    Why does my phone say I'm roaming when I'm not US Cellular?

    It means that your phone receives a cell signal whenever you're outside your cell phone carrier's operating area. Relax: Your Android phone alerts you whenever it's roaming. A Roaming icon appears at the top of the screen, in the status area, whenever you're outside your cellular provider's signal area. via

    What's the worst phone company?

    When the dust settled, these were the least liked carriers in the US, with the worst carrier checking in at number one.

  • Cricket Wireless.
  • XFinity Mobile.
  • AT&T.
  • Mint Mobile.
  • Visible.
  • T-Mobile.
  • Verizon.
  • Consumer Cellular.
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    Who bought out US Cellular?

    Sprint buys US Cellular spectrum and half a million Midwest customers for $480 million. via

    What carrier does US Cellular use?

    Which Are GSM? In the US, Verizon, US Cellular, and the old Sprint network (now owned by T-Mobile) use CDMA. AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM. Most of the rest of the world uses GSM. via

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