How Much Is A Come Along


What can you use a come-along for?

A come-along, or hand winch is one of the most common tools used for installing shade sails. A come-along is comprised of a body and lever arm. The body contains a fixed end and a running end. via

Can you lift with a come-along?

Come-alongs are not rated for overhead lifting, but a similar-looking device called a ratchet lever hoist is used this way. via

How strong is a come along?

First and foremost, the 5547 is powerful, utilizing a dual gear pulling system to generate 4000 pounds of pulling power that can be increased to 8000 pounds by doubling the cable. 4 tons is a lot of force – twice as much as our 2nd choice unit – meaning that the Tekton come-along will handle most pulling needs. via

What is the real name for a come along?

Traditional come-along winches are also known as hand cable pullers or power pullers. They are hand-operated and use a ratchet to pull an object. They usually feature wire rope that wraps around a drum. via

How long is a come along cable?

A standard come along usually has only about a 7- to 10-foot pull length. That means your anchor point needs to be relatively close to your towing object, or another length of strap or cable will be necessary. via

How do you use a two ton come along? (video)

How do you stop coming along? (video)

How do you start a come along? (video)

What is the mechanical advantage of a come along?

A come along has a built in 1:1 mechanical advantage but when the block pulley is used, a 2:1 mechanical advantage is created. One problem when using the block for a 2:1 mechanical advantage is the amount of cable needed. A 2:1 mechanical advantage uses nearly double the amount of cable that the 1:1 setup uses. via

Can you use a chain block horizontally?

Chain blocks are designed for lifting loads vertically and should not be used for horizontal or angle hoisting. via

Can you use a chain fall horizontally?

(Hand) chain hoists, typically, can only be used vertically. If they are used to move the load horizontally, the chain will get jammed and gears inside can be damaged to shorten the lifespan. via

Can a hoist be used horizontally?

A winch is used to pull a load horizontally over a slight incline, whereas a hoist is used to lift a load vertically over inclines greater than 45 degrees. It's important for users to choose the right equipment for applications requiring hoisting or pulling. via

What is a concrete come along?

A concrete come along rake allows you to push and pull concrete into place without stopping. Tool is lightweight but thick enough to stay rigid during use. via

How do you use a come along to tighten a fence? (video)

How do cable come along move loads?

A: A come along winch is a piece of equipment that allows you to pull heavy weights, using a ratcheting gear pulley system. Come along winches are made from metal and feature a strong, coiled cable or rope which is coiled gradually using a handle, enabling you to slowly move heavy objects. via

How do you do a pull along? (video)

How do you use a rope come along? (video)

How much can a come along lift?

Its maximum lifting capacity is 4000 pounds, and the safe working capacity is 2000 pounds, which is still more than the maximum working capacity of many products. via

What is a chain fall?

noun. a type of hoist with a chain attached to a fixed raised structure or beam and used to lift very heavy objects. via

What is a lever hoist?

A Lever Hoist is a piece of high-quality equipment used to lift and lower heavy loads without the aid of machinery. Lever Hoists have the ability to lift items in most positions, including horizontally. via

What is a ratchet puller?

Cable Ratchet Pullers

Purchased products. Cable ratchet pullers are ideal for lifting, towing, pulling and tensioning. via

How does a power puller work? (video)

How do you use concrete come along? (video)

How do you tighten a come along cable? (video)

What is a wire puller?

: one who uses secret or underhanded means to influence the acts of a person or organization. via

How do you move a boulder with a come along?

Pull it.

By exerting up to 4,000 pounds of pulling force, a ratcheting lever hoist, or "come along," can persuade many previously stuck-in-the-mud stones to, well, come along. Harness its cable end to the stone with 4-inch nylon straps, which grip the irregular surface better than chain or rope. via

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