How Much Does Home Depot Charge To Install Hardwood Floors

Typical Range: $2,493 – $6,754 National Average: $4,540 Hardwood flooring can add texture and warmth to any room. Several factors come into play when estimating hardwood flooring cost and the via

How much does it cost to install 1000 square feet of hardwood floors?

Installing hardwood flooring averages between $6 and $12 per square foot. On average, wood flooring costs between $3 and $7 per square foot for materials and $3 to $5 per square foot for labor. An estimate for installation of 1000 square feet of hardwood flooring runs between $6,000 and $12,000. via

How much does it cost to hire someone to install hardwood floors?

Expect to pay $4 to $8 a square foot for labor to install a solid hardwood floor and $3 to $10 a square foot to install engineered wood, according to HomeAdvisor. Labor costs are higher for floors with vents and irregular shapes. Other costs: Some costs might be unknown until the contractor starts the work. via

How much does it cost to install 1500 square feet of hardwood flooring?

Expect to pay between $4,500 and $30,000 for 1,500 square feet of solid wood flooring. The species of wood you choose for your home can be a big determinant of the installation costs. via

How long does it take to install 1000 sq ft of hardwood floor?

Total install time for 1,000 sf or less = 1-5 days (+ extra if floor prep is needed and/or tile rip up) Total elapsed time for 1,000 sf or less = 2- 4 weeks. via

What color hardwood floor is best for resale?

Dark stained hardwood flooring is by far the best selection when it comes to overall popularity and resale value. Some of the best darks stains for wood are espresso, dark walnut, and antique brown. via

Can I install my own hardwood floors?

In fact, factory-finished floors can be installed straight out of the box. Because of these types of advancements, it is easier than ever to install a hardwood floor yourself. When installing your own floors, you only have to pay the cost of materials and tools or tool rental. via

How much does Lowes charge to install laminate flooring?

The average price is $1 to $5 a square foot. via

How much does it cost to put hardwood floors in a 12x12 room?

Typical costs: Installing a standard solid-strip hardwood floor averages about $8 a square foot for materials, insulation and site finishing, and up to $12 a square foot for wide pine planks, or $1,150-$1,750 for a 12x12-foot room. via

Is hardwood flooring worth it?

Wood flooring has a return on investment of 70% to 80%, according to, and it can boost a home's sale price by as much as 2.5%. That's a pretty good return on investment as far as home improvements go. via

How much does it cost to install 1000 square feet of laminate floors?

FAQs. How Much Does It Cost To Install 1,000 Square Feet Of Laminate Flooring? You can expect to pay $5,000-$6,000 to have 1,000 square feet of mid-range laminate installed. via

What is the cheapest option for flooring?

  • Vinyl. Vinyl flooring comes in sheets, tiles, and planks and is predominately manufactured with PVC, resulting in durable, waterproof flooring that can be installed anywhere in your home.
  • Sheet Vinyl.
  • Plank Vinyl.
  • Laminate.
  • Cork.
  • Carpet.
  • Tile.
  • Refinish Your Floors.
  • via

    How hard is it to install wood floors?

    Installing wood (or wood-like) floors can range from a fairly easy DIY project to one that requires a good bit of carpentry and finishing skills. Some types like Lyptus Flooring even lock together without fasteners similar to a laminate floor. Solid hardwood flooring is the most difficult of all to install. via

    Should I replace carpet with hardwood?

    Quality, well-maintained carpet can last about 10 to 15 years, but typically needs to be replaced if it becomes worn out or stained. Conversely, hardwood flooring can withstand significantly more wear, tear and spills without needing to be replaced. Good quality hardwood floors can last a lifetime when well maintained. via

    Do wood floors add value to your home?

    Hardwood floors are one of the best flooring options for homeowners looking to increase the resale value of their home, with hardwood typically yielding around a 75% return on investment. via

    Can you walk on hardwood floors after installation?

    How long do I have to wait to use my room after new floors are installed? We recommend waiting 6 hours before walking on your new floors in socks. After 24 hours you can walk through with shoes on. Allow 48 hours before setting furniture and returning pets. via

    What color floors are in style for 2020?

    Here are some 2020 flooring color trends that might help you make a decision:

  • Grey shades.
  • Light, blonde stains and tones.
  • Warm, honey-toned shades.
  • White and off-white shades.
  • via

    What color hardwood floors are in style 2020?

    We're already seeing trends hitting the flooring market as we close out 2019, so we've pulled together the top five hardwood floor trends we expect to see in 2020. Think reactive looks, light brown floors, wide planks, European white oak, and maple hardwood floors. via

    Do light colored floors make a room look bigger?

    Generally, light colors make a room look bigger and brighter. Light and bright colored walls are more reflective making a room feel open and airy, and maximizing the effect of natural light. Dark colors, on the other hand, absorb light, making a room look smaller. via

    What is the best way to install wood flooring?

    Install hardwood floors perpendicular to the floor joists, parallel to the longest wall, leaving a ¾-inch expansion gap around the perimeter. Join the ends of the boards over a floor joist, where possible, avoiding joints that form an H. Keep joints that line up at least two rows apart. via

    What's the best way to install wood flooring?

  • Nail Down - Nails are used to fasten the wood to the subfloor.
  • Staple Down - Staples are used instead of nails to attach the floor to the subfloor.
  • Glue Down - Engineered wood floors and parquets can be glued down.
  • Floating - This is the fastest and easiest method of installation.
  • via

    Do I need an underlayment for hardwood floors?

    While underlayment isn't always necessary for your hardwood floors, there are always benefits to it. Underlayment provides support for your floor and helps smooth subfloor imperfections. It allows your flooring to lay correctly over the subfloor, preventing tripping hazards or an uneven appearance. via

    How much does it cost to rip up carpet and install laminate flooring?

    The cost to install laminate flooring is $2 to $8 per square foot for labor time only. Removing it costs $1.20 to $2.40 per square foot, including labor time for detaching the flooring, clean up and waste removal. via

    What is the labor cost to install laminate flooring?

    Installing a laminate floor costs $8 to $15 per square foot for labor and material. For the flooring alone, expect to pay between $2 and $6 per square foot. Laminate floors can mimic the look of stone or tile, but most have a wood appearance. via

    How many square feet is a 12x12 room?

    How many square feet is a 12x12 room? The square footage of a room 12 feet wide by 12 feet long is 144 square feet. Find the square footage by multiplying the width (12 ft) by the length (12 ft). via

    Is white oak flooring expensive?

    White oak flooring is more expensive than red oak because it has a hardness rating of 1360, which is much higher than 1290 of most red oaks. The structural integrity of white oak is a good choice for replacing an existing floor and for refinishing as it holds a stain well. via

    Can you replace one plank of hardwood floors?

    If your hardwood floor is in generally fine shape, with only a damaged spot or two, it is easy and economical to make small repairs by replacing a strip or plank of flooring. This design makes replacing a single strip or plank challenging, but not impossible. via

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