How Much Does Geek Squad Charge Per Hour


How much do geeks to you charge per hour?

Geeks2u: $158 per hour (residential) + $49 same day service fee add an extra $50 for business customers. $79 per half hour after first hour. Safemode: $100-$200 per hour (residential) charge depending on issue + service fees for business. Geekmobile: $110 per 45mins (residential) + extra for business customers. via

Is Geek Squad more expensive?

One-time online support is Geek Squad's least expensive option, starting at $49.99 for a PC tune-up service (you'd pay $99.99 for this in the store). So if what you're looking for is long-term protection, Geek Squad is cheapest in the end. via

Who is cheaper than Geek Squad?

Nerds On Call is cheaper than a Geek Squad because they use a small staff that consist of about four people and they do not outfit their technicians with the latest technology. via

Does Geek Squad do walk ins?

Arriving at your in-store appointment

Prior to arriving, you'll receive a call from your Geek Squad Agent to walk you through what to expect once you arrive at the store. via

Can I call Geek Squad for free?

Need help? Chat with an agent or call us at 1-800-433-5778. When you call our 1-800 number, somebody will be waiting for you on the other end whether it's before the kids wake up in the morning or after everyone else in your neighbourhood has gone to sleep. via

What is the hourly rate for IT support?

1-2 person IT firm: $75-$125 per hour. Mid-sized IT Support Company (5-10 techs): $90-$150 per hour and some may offer a flat monthly fee for services (see below) Larger IT Support Company (10+ techs): $100-$225 per hour and may offer a flat monthly fee for services (see below) via

How much does a computer tech charge per hour?

How much does it cost to fix a computer? On average, computer repair technicians charge $60 an hour. However, the hourly rate can range from $40 to $90 per hour. via

Are Geeks good for you?

Geeks to you are reliable and trustworthy. The girls on the phone were really lovely and a pleasure to make my appointment. Service was fantastic, William was great. Would definately recommend to anyone. via

How long does it take for Geek Squad to fix a computer?

According to our research Geek Squad repairs can take, a few days or more and complex repairs can take a few weeks to complete as most of the repairs are shipped out of the store. via

Is Geek Squad Protection worth getting?

If you have absolutely no knowledge of troubleshooting, then a Geek Squad plan may be best for you, especially if you're a power user who absolutely counts on their computer for work or other needs. I wouldn't buy a plan for a tablet, though unless you're buying the highest-end devices. via

Will Geek Squad replace my laptop?

Geek Squad repair center will receive your laptop after a couple business days in transit and start working to repair what is broken on it. If they can fix the damaged/defective pieces they will do so. However the replacement aspect comes in when it comes to total cost of parts versus value of the device. via

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