How Much Do Subway Employees Make


What is Subway's starting pay?

The average Subway hourly pay ranges from approximately A$22 per hour for a a Subway Sandwhich Artist to A$27 per hour for a a Shift Supervisor. Subway employees rate the overall compensation and benefits package 2.5/5 stars. The highest-paying job at Subway is a a Store Manager with a salary of A$55,000 per year. via

Is Subway a stressful job?

The most stressful part there is when it gets really busy and each customer tends to get more than 1 sandwich during that time of day. Some people get really impatient and rude when taking a long time to make another customers order, so that's really stressful. via

Do Subway employees get paid for training?

Yes they do. Yes you get paid while being trained at Subway. Yes subway does pay staff when training them, is basically consider as you have the job. You get paid for any training or work you will do, just like any other job. via

Do subway employees get free food?

We offer benefits including Free Employee Meals Policy, Employee Discounts, Flexible Schedule, Competitive Hourly Wages. via

Does subway do drug tests?

Like most of the companies in the United States, Subway does drug test their candidates, which means that you need to know about it. They say that they do this, especially for the management positions, but there are some locations that would since it is at their discretion. via

What skills do you need to work at Subway?

Experience & Skills: Although Subway Sandwich Artists require no previous work experience it is beneficial to have point of sale (cashier) knowledge and inventory management experience. Skills required to be a sandwich artist include attention to detail, quick learner, and communication. via

Does Subway hold your first paycheck?

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Yes you do get a paycheck. I did not. it took 2 weeks to get a paycheck, duer to the date of hire. It depends when you start working if it was the middle of the week or new work pay period. via

Is it hard to get a job at Subway?

The Subway interview process is short and simple. Most applicants only spend a few days waiting for interviews, and the procedure usually wraps up within a week or two. Subway job seekers must first submit an application form to a desired location. via

Is being a Subway sandwich artist hard?

This job is doable for even the dumbest of people. While you may make the experienced workers mad for a while, eventually you'll catch on, and realize it's not hard. As long as you are able to count, you are able to work here. You have to be able to count how many pieces of each meat you are putting on the sandwich. via

Is Subway a good job?

Discounted subs, both fast paced and slow, good hours depending on store location. When you work with employees to get a job done, the job is pretty easy. Job can be a lot if co workers aren't doing their part. via

What pays $15 an hour?

Amazon raised its starting wage for all U.S. employees to at least $15 an hour in 2018. "We've seen the positive impact this has had on our employees, their families and their communities," the company stated on its website. "Since then, we've been lobbying Congress to increase the federal minimum wage." via

Does McDonald's pay weekly 2020?

Does McDonald's pay weekly? No, but due to McDonald's having many independent franchise store owners, most have their own way of paying their employees every two weeks or twice a month. via

Is McDonald's paying $15 an hour?

McDonald's is among fast-food franchises to raise wages in a tight labor market and plans to reach an average of $15 an hour by 2024 at all company-owned restaurants. via

Do Subway workers get breaks?

At Subway you get one 5 minute break. I was sure there must be some Federal laws mandating a minimum time for breaks within a certain amount of hours of work, but found out there is not. In fact, it is left up to the states to decide. Luckily Subway does not need a law to do the right thing. via

What benefits do Subway employees get?

Prior Subway restaurant experience is a plus, but is not mandatory! Benefits include Blue Cross/Blue Shield medical and dental insurance, 401K with company match, laptop computer & wireless phone coverage. Travel expenses are also provided. Must have reliable transportation; automobile and fuel stipend provided. via

Can you wear shorts to work at Subway?

Shorts can be worn from Memorial Day to Labor Day ONLY. Shorts must be black in color and no longer than knee length. Shorts must be hemmed, not cut off. Only wear approved Subway nametag. via

Do Mcdonalds workers get free food?

Employer Summary

McDonald's Restaurant employees receive free or discounted meals. via

Do you get free food if you work at Chick Fil A?

Chick-fil-A employees get free meals and family discounts on food. via

Does Taco Bell do drug tests?

Yes they do drug test their employees. via

Does Mcdonalds do drug test?

What Drugs Does McDonald's Check for? McDonald's typically undertakes the standard five-panel drug test. McDonald's employees are not supposed to work under the influence of alcohol. This means that in addition to the drugs listed, the urine sample may be used to check on alcohol levels. via

What should I wear to an interview at Subway?

What to wear on a Subway Interview? If you are interviewing for an entry level position then dress business casual otherwise dress formally. Try and incorporate the colors green, white, and yellow into what you wear. via

Do you need a degree to work at Subway?

To qualify, applicants need a high school diploma and two years of managerial experience. Workers must ensure food safety by following cleanliness standards. Managers must monitor the security of their restaurants. They are also responsible for hiring, training, and creating schedules. via

How often do subway employees get paid?

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Biweekly pay. Every two weeks, of biweekly. via

Can a 15 year old get a job at Subway?

Subway does not specify an age limit, and as such, they don't have a minimum age limit that's below the standard 13-years of age. However, generally, Subway does not employ anyone who is under 16 years of age. via

Do you get paid biweekly at Subway?

Every Subway differs in how they pay their employees. While some workers report they get their checks on a weekly basis, others say they are paid biweekly. via

What day does Subway employees get paid?

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At managers discretion presumably. Friday is our payday locally. via

Can you have acrylic nails working at Subway?

Yes you can. You are allowed to have acrylic nails, however it is recommended that you don't due to the fact that you could damage them in the oven, and they may get in the way. via

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