How Many Warrior Cat Books Are There


How many warrior cats books are there 2020?

There are over 60 books in the Warriors series! This includes the original six-book Warriors series, and four other spinoffs: Power of Three, The New Prophecy, Omen of the Stars, and Dawn of the Clans, as well as stand-alone guides, special editions, and manga. via

How many warrior cat books are there altogether?

There are six books total in the primary series. There are over 80 books featuring the tales and adventures of a group of Warrior Cats. The series is published by Harper Collins and is written by the three authors, Cherith Baldry, Kate Cary, and Tui T. via

How many warrior cat books are there in total 2021?

How many warrior cats books are there 2021? It contains six books: Into The Wild, Fire, and Ice, Forest of Secrets, Rising Storm, A dangerous path, and Darkest Hour. via

In what order should I read warrior cats?

Warriors series: Official order of books

  • Into the Wild. by Hunter, Erin. Book - 2004.
  • Fire and Ice. by Hunter, Erin. Book - 2004.
  • Forest of Secrets. by Hunter, Erin. Book - 2004.
  • Rising Storm. by Hunter, Erin.
  • A Dangerous Path. by Hunter, Erin.
  • The Darkest Hour. by Hunter, Erin.
  • Midnight. by Hunter, Erin.
  • Moonrise. by Hunter, Erin.
  • via

    Will warrior cats end?

    The second series was finished by the end of 2006; Warriors: Power of Three was complete in spring 2009; Warriors: Omens of the Stars wrapped up in 2012; Warriors: Dawn of the Clans ended in 2015; Warriors: A Vision of Shadows finished up in 2018; and as of 2020, Warriors: The Broken Code is still being released. via

    What is the next warrior cats book?

    Warriors: The Broken Code is the seventh sub-series, consisting of Lost Stars (9 April 2019), The Silent Thaw (29 October 2019), Veil of Shadows (7 April 2020), Darkness Within (10 November 2020), The Place of No Stars (6 April 2021), and one unreleased installment: A Light in the Mist (scheduled for publication on 9 via

    Where can I read warrior cats for free?

    Warrior spirit - Home. Welcome to the Warrior cats book site. Here, you can read the warrior cat books for free, available for download from "Dawn of the Clans" to "Vision of Shadows". via

    Is Jayfeather a boy or a girl?

    Jayfeather is a ThunderClan medicine cat that has served under Firestar's, Bramblestar's, the impostor's, Squirrelflight's, Lionblaze's, and Graystripe's leaderships in the lake territories. He was born as Jaykit, and is one of the children of Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight, alongside his siblings Hollykit and Lionkit. via

    What age is Warrior Cats for?

    The Warriors series is one of the best series in the history of Children's Literature. This series is for emergent readers of 8 and up. If you are a parent and worry about the content you're children are reading: I applaud you! A lot of books that seem to be written for children are quite graphic. via

    Is there a warrior cats show?

    Warrior Cats is an animated TV series based on the Warriors book series by Erin Hunter. The series follows four clans who fight for survival. The series is currently in it's 6th season titled "A Vision of Shadows" which premiered on April 16, 2016. The series was renewed for a 7th season on June 9, 2017. via

    How many Warrior Cats characters are there in total?

    But with 451 cats (I counted), you can understand a few errors creeping in. Happy endings bore me rigid. I was frequently chided by my editor at HarperCollins for putting forward stories that were “unremittingly gloomy”. Nothing is more tedious than a cheerful, uncomplicated romantic relationship. via

    Will there be a warrior cats movie in 2020?

    As of 2020, Heyman does not have the script for Warriors yet. The Warriors movie will be a live-action and CGI hybrid. via

    Are there two Tigerstar's?

    Tigerstar is a name shared by two different ShadowClan leaders. via

    Who is directing the Warrior Cats movie?

    Warriors (also known as Warriors: Into the Wild) is a 2026 Chinese/American live-action/Hand-drawn animated dark fantasy adventure drama film directed by Bill Condon, coproduced by Heyday Films and Alibaba Pictures, produced by David Heyman, and written by Jeff Nathanson. via

    What Warrior books are coming out in 2021?

    Warriors: The Broken Code #6: A Light in the Mist (The Warriors: The Broken Code Series) Pre-order Price Guarantee. This title has not yet been released. This title will be released on November 9, 2021. via

    How do you explain warrior cats?

    A warrior is a cat trained in the arts of fighting and hunting. Warriors make up the bulk of a Clan, and provide that Clan with the protection and food supply that keeps it safe and well-fed. Typically, a cat is made a warrior at or over the age of twelve moons. via

    Can cats have kits in Starclan?

    Can starclan cats have kits? * There is a slim chance they can have kits, to do this note the group about having kits in star clan (the founder will roll a pair of D20 dice, if either numbers is a 2 or 3 your cat can get pregnant.) via

    Who is the cat on the cover of rising storm?

    Rising Storm is the fourth book in The Prophecies Begin arc, formerly known as the Original arc. Fireheart and Cloudpaw are featured on the original cover. Yellowfang is the cat depicted on the reprinted cover. It features Fireheart as the main protagonist and Runningnose in the prologue. via

    Did Jayfeather have a mate?

    Jayfeather sees a little into Firestar's dream and knows that he had been out at night, hunting with his mate, Sandstorm. via

    Does Jayfeather fall in love?

    Half Moon reunites with Jay's Wing, reincarnated as Jayfeather, and fights in the Great Battle alongside him. At the end of The Last Hope, during the Final Battle, Half Moon refers to Jayfeather as her love. via

    Who is Jayfeather's mom?

    Jayfeather via

    What age should read Wings of Fire?

    The youngest that I think should read this book is probably 8 or 9. The reason I have the age as 11 is because at this age I think that kids should be able to understand. via

    What does Tom mean in warrior cats?

    Tom/tomcat: A male cat. Tom-kit: a male kit. Twoleg: A human. Twoleg kit: A human child. via

    Who was the oldest warrior cat?

    Mistystar is currently the oldest known living cat in the Warriors series, at roughly 16.6 years old. She has ThunderClan blood via Bluestar. via

    Who is the cat on the cover of the Darkest Hour?

    Firestar is the cat depicted on the original and reprinted cover. It features Firestar as the main protagonist, and Tigerstar is featured in the prologue. via

    Is the darkest hour based on a book?

    Mr. McCarten wrote the screenplay for the excellent Churchill film Darkest Hour, starring Gary Oldman. He also writes novels. In some parts this book reads like one. via

    Who wrote warriors the darkest hour?

    The Darkest Hour via

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