How Many Questions Are On The Road Sign Test


Is the road sign test multiple choice?

This test contains 5 parts, 30 multiple choice questions for each part. Grading is in real time after you submit the results and a detailed answer sheet is provided. Driving is a privilege, you are responsible for knowing what all traffic control signs mean. via

What are the 3 types of road signs?

A: Traffic signs are divided into three categories: regulatory, warning, and guide signs. via

What are the 8 colors used for road signs?

2. What are the meanings of the eight colors used for traffic signs: Red, Yellow, White, Orange, Black, Green, Blue, Brown? Red -> Stop, Yield, or Prohibited. Yellow -> Warning. via

What font are road signs in?

Highway Gothic (formally known as the FHWA Series fonts or the Standard Alphabets for Highway Signs) is a sans-serif typeface developed by the United States Federal Highway Administration and used for road signage in the Americas, including the U.S., Canada, and Latin American countries, as well as in Asian countries via

What is the triangle sign?

Triangle signs – usually white with a red border – are here to let you know that you're approaching a hazard or a place to stop. They will usually point upwards and feature an image of the hazard: merging traffic, a junction on a bend, a slippery road or a zebra crossing are all examples of common warning road signs. via

How many traffic signs are there in total?

In this article, a total of 110 numbers of traffic signs are given with their meanings and symbolic images(All signs meanings are given in the following video). Following are the all traffic signs as per IRC. via

What are 5 types of traffic signs?


  • Regulatory signs are also called. Mandatory signs. Cautionary signs. Informative signs. Warning signs.
  • Stop sign comes under. Regulatory signs. Cautionary signs. Informative signs. none of these.
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    What shape is most warning signs?

    These signs are yellow with black lettering or symbols and most are diamond-shaped. These signs warn you to slow down and be prepared to stop if necessary; a special situation or hazard is ahead. Some common warning signs are shown below. via

    What is the Colour of mandatory signs?

    Signs indicating mandatory requirements consist of a blue circle with the pictogram or text in white positioned centrally. via

    What are the 4 types of road signs?

    The main signs are categorized into four meaning types:

  • Guidance (white characters on blue in general – on green in expressways),
  • Warning (black characters and symbols on yellow diamond),
  • Regulation (red or blue circle, depending on prohibition or regulation),
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    What are blue signs called?

    These signs tell you where you are, which way to go and the distance. Blue: This color is also used for guide signs. These signs tell you about services along the roadway such as rest areas, hospitals, gas stations, and lodging. via

    What do blue road signs indicate?

    Most regulatory signs are circular. A RED RING or RED CIRCLE indicates a prohibition. A BLUE CIRCLE generally gives a positive (mandatory) instruction or indicates a route for use only by particular classes of vehicle (see sections on tram signs and bus and cycle signs). via

    What font are UK road signs?

    Transport is a sans serif typeface first designed for road signs in the United Kingdom. It was created between 1957 and 1963 by Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert as part of their work as designers for the Department of Transport's Anderson and Worboys committees. via

    What font is similar to Highway Gothic?

    About Overpass

    An open source font family inspired by Highway Gothic. via

    What do route signs mean?

    A highway shield or route marker is a sign denoting the route number of a highway, usually in the form of a symbolic shape with the route number enclosed. As the focus of the sign, the route number is usually the sign's largest element, with other items on the sign rendered in smaller sizes or contrasting colors. via

    What road signs are triangle?

    The meaning of the shape of road signs

    An upside-down triangle road sign always means “yield.” Diamond-shaped road signs always warn of possible hazards ahead. These are traffic signs, temporary traffic control signs, and some pedestrian and bicycle signs. Pennant-shaped road signs warn drivers of no-passing zones. via

    What does the yellow triangle sign mean?

    Hazard signs are known world wide. The yellow triangle shows that we have to be careful when in the area that the sign is shown. via

    Why is give way sign upside down?

    The equilateral give way sign is upside down compared to other warning road signs simply as a recognition of shape. So if for instance a give way sign was to become defaced due to snow for example, the shape of the sign alone would be enough to inform a motorist of the impending hazard (a junction) that is ahead. via

    What are the 10 road safety rules?

  • Never Drink & Drive.
  • Always Wear Seat Belt.
  • Keep a Safe Distance from the vehicle ahead.
  • Always Avoid Distractions.
  • Never Break Red Signal.
  • Always Drive Within Speed Limit.
  • Avoid the Drowsiness While Driving.
  • Watch Out For Drivers On the Road.
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    What are the common traffic rules?

  • Do Not Drink and Drive.
  • Always Own Valid Car Insurance Policy.
  • Wear your seatbelt while Driving a Car.
  • Riding a Two-Wheeler without a Helmet On.
  • Using a Mobile Phone while Riding.
  • Over Speeding.
  • Jumping the Red Light.
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    What are the types of road?

    However, a more generic classification of roads based on material type is as follows.

  • Concrete roads.
  • Asphalt roads.
  • Gravel roads.
  • Earthen roads.
  • Murrum roads.
  • Kankar roads.
  • Bituminous roads.
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    What are the most important road signs?

    Here are 10 of the most common warning signs you are likely to see on the road:

  • Stop Ahead.
  • Left (or Right) Turn Ahead.
  • Sharp Curve to the Right (or Left)
  • Merging Traffic.
  • Advisory Speed on Exit Ramp.
  • No Passing Zone.
  • School Zone.
  • Deer Crossing.
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    What are the most common road signs?

    Stop signs (MUTCD R1-1) are likely the most iconic of all traffic signs. Both the shape and color are important to how a stop sign is recognized and understood. No other sign is of an octagon shape, and no other sign is red in color. This is done because of the importance a stop sign has on traffic safety. via

    What do warning signs look like?

    Most warning signs are yellow and diamond-shaped with black letters or symbols. Some common warning signs are shown on the next slides. This sign warns you that the road ends ahead. Slow down and prepare to safely turn left or right. via

    What are the 3 different types of speed limits?

    There are essentially three types of speed limits being enforced around the country: "absolute," "presumed," and "basic" speed limits. As you might imagine, the defenses differ for each one. via

    Why are warning signs yellow?

    Yellow /Amber – Yellow is meant to highlight instruction and important information; such as health and safety warnings and precautionary instructions. Ranging from wet floor signs to hazard warning signs; yellow helps to draw attention and make a signal stand out. via

    What are the yellow and black road signs?

    Traffic will be diverted from the motorway onto way-marked routes through the suburbs to the point where motorists can rejoin the M50. The way-marks being used to identify the diversions are a series of black symbols – squares, triangles, circles and diamonds – on yellow backgrounds. via

    What are the 5 main safety signs?

    Learn the safety signs you need to meet WHS requirements and keep people safe in your workplace.

  • Prohibition Signs – CAN'T DO.
  • Mandatory Signs – MUST DO.
  • Danger Signs – KILL YOU.
  • Warning Signs – HURT YOU.
  • Emergency Information Signs – SAFETY FIRST.
  • Fire Signs – FIRE EQUIP.
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    What are the 7 safety colors?

    The color of safety

  • Red: Fire protection equipment. Danger, high risk of injury or death.
  • Orange: Moderate risk of injury. Guarding devices.
  • Yellow: Caution statements. Minor risk of injury.
  • Green: Safety equipment or information.
  • Blue: No immediate hazard.
  • Red – combustible materials. Yellow – oxidizers.
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    What are blue and white signs?

    Signs indicating mandatory requirements consist of a blue circle with the pictogram or text in white positioned centrally. These signs should be used to indicate escape routes, emergency exits, first aid equipment, emergency showers and the like. via

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