How Long Does A Spartan Race Take

The beauty of Spartan Race is its accessibility: Distances range from a 3-5 mile Sprint to an 8-mile Super to a 13+-mile Beast (and a 26+-mile UltraBeast!). Whether you are a complete newbie who is looking for a different/fun way to get in shape or a seasoned athlete looking to take on an extreme challenge, there is something for everyone. via

How long is a Spartan race?

With 12 to 14 miles and 30 to 35 obstacles between you and the finish line, the Spartan Beast will test everything you're made of: your strength, your endurance, your resolve. via

What does a Spartan Sprint Race consist of?

Sprint 3 mi / 5 km, 20 Obstacles

The Spartan Sprint puts endurance aside and tests your quickness through 5 km loaded with 20 Obstacles. A great starter distance for beginners, or a perfect test against time for the more advanced racer. via

How hard is the Spartan super?

The Super is the most demanding and fun 10K you'll complete, anywhere. Super obstacles are more difficult compared to shorter Spartan events, and with a distance of 10K (6.2 miles), you'll need a pace strategy. There are Super-specific obstacles to tackle, and elevation gain will often be more demanding. via

Which Spartan Race is the easiest?

The Spartan Super is the "easiest" race, and the Beast is the hardest Spartan Race. via

Is the Spartan Race Harder Than Tough Mudder?

One of the main differences is that Tough Mudder is a team-based challenge, while Spartan races are more of an every-man-for-himself competition. Participants also say that Tough Mudder obstacles tend to be more creative and fun, while the Spartan obstacles are more physically challenging. via

How heavy is the bucket in Spartan race?

“Work up to and over the Spartan Bucket Carry weight of 35kg for men, and 25kg for women to really challenge yourself.” via

How heavy is the Hercules Hoist in Spartan race?

The Hercules Hoist weight is around 90 pounds for men and 70 pounds for women. via

Do Spartan races have water stations?

We have water and aid stations on every course. During a longer race, like a Super or a Beast, we will provide up to 4 aid stations. We do not provide food or gels, so please plan to bring your own. Racers are encouraged to bring camelbaks or water bottles to address their personal needs throughout the course. via

Can you fail a Spartan Race?

NO. Spartans don't skip obstacles, we overcome them. We strongly discourage skipping obstacles without attempting them, as it is unfair to others that do attempt them. via

Can you do a Spartan Race without training?

Stauffer says that most endurance athletes can handle a Spartan race with no problem. You don't necessarily have to run the course if you don't want to (walking is totally allowed!), but you do have to cover some distance. If you already do that on the regular, you're good to go. via

Can beginners do Spartan Race?

The Spartan Sprint is best for beginners. It's about the length of a 5K (3.1 miles), although depending on location, the length can vary from three to five miles: My most recent Spartan Sprint was just over four miles. via

What kind of shoes should I wear for a Spartan Race?

Many Spartans recommend compression gear. For your feet — use trail-running shoes with good traction. Tony Matesi recommends toe socks and Trail Toes for longer races. via

What age group is Spartan?

The six age groups include 14-17, 18-24, 25-29, 30-39, 40-49 and 50+, with the top three male and female finishers in each category earning a spot on the podium at every U.S. race and all 2018 Spartan Global Championship Series events. Winners will also earn special medals, prizes, and awards. via

What is the hardest obstacle race?

  • World's Toughest Mudder. Fitness level: Elite.
  • Tough Guy. Fitness level: Advanced.
  • Spartan Death Race. Fitness level: Elite.
  • Antarctic Ice Marathon. Fitness level: Elite.
  • Badwater Ultra Marathon. Fitness level: Elite.
  • Run for Your Lives.
  • Columbia Muddy Buddy.
  • Race Across America.
  • via

    What is a Spartan Death race?

    The Spartan Death Race is the toughest race in the world; even its name strike fear into the hearts of the most seasoned athlete. The latest, grueling Death Race included: A torturous 14-hour ruck. A 50lb sandbag carry for 26.2 miles. Rope climbs with a combined distance of 26.2 miles or 31,000 feet in only seven hours. via

    What should I wear to a Tough Mudder race?

    In moderate to warm temperatures, we recommend wearing shorts. They provide more comfort, and long pants would be too warm. Some Mudders prefer to wear shorts that are a little longer and protect the knees. If you have to run your Tough Mudder in cold weather, long pants might be an alternative, too. via

    Do you have to do burpees in Spartan Race?

    What do burpees have to do with Spartan Race? Spartan Race is an obstacle course racing series that takes competition seriously. But if they fail an obstacle, racers must complete 30 burpees before moving on. The burpee is the greatest athletic equalizer we know of! via

    How high is the rope climb in a Spartan Race?

    Try it now 16 feet up, on a rope caked with mud, sweat, water, and Spartan blood (okay maybe not blood). We recommend hooking your foot in some variation to stabilize yourself as you race to the top. via

    How do you throw a Spartan spear? (video)

    What should I eat the night before a Spartan race?

    Try to eat a breakfast with carbs and some protein two to three hours before your race start, Perry says. Some examples of a good pre-race meal include oatmeal with lowfat milk, walnuts, and fresh fruit; a whole grain bagel with almond or peanut butter and a banana; and toast with Greek yogurt and almonds. via

    How much weight is the Hercules Hold?

    Event 4: Hercules Hold

    Weight: 160 kilograms (350 lb) pillars in each hand. via

    How do you get Hercules to hoist?

  • Pull the rope to raise the weight until the knot or weight reaches the top.
  • Lower the weight slowly and under control, without releasing the rope, until weight reaches the ground.
  • via

    Do you have to swim in Spartan Race?

    Most of them will be in water shallow enough to walk through without swimming. If there are water obstacles that require swimming, talk to the Spartan Official manning that obstacle for your options: completing it with a life vest, or skipping the obstacle and performing a set of penalty burpees. via

    Do you need ID for Spartan Race?

    Please plan to arrive about 1.5-2 hours prior to your start time to ensure you have enough time to park, get checked in, and warm up before the race! Please bring: Photo ID (racers under 18 that are accompanied by an adult or legal guardian do not need ID). via

    What do I need to bring to a Spartan Race?

  • Your ID, money, and directions to and from the race venue.
  • A bag for the rest of your gear. (Tip: Put an identifying mark on it to make it easy to find.)
  • A complete extra outfit. (You'll want to change after the race. Flip-flops are a popular choice.)
  • A bath towel.
  • A large plastic bag for dirty clothes.
  • via

    Are gloves allowed in Spartan Race?

    If you are running a Spartan Race Stadium Sprint, by all means, wear some gloves. They will protect your hands at several obstacles and if you need to take them off, no problem. When gloves are wet, they lose their grip on whatever you are trying to gain an advantage over. via

    Can I get a refund on my Spartan Race?

    Do to the unique nature of the Agoge, we are unable to offer a refund or future race credit under any circumstance. At this time, you can only transfer your race to another Spartan event within the US. via

    Is Spartan Stadion hard?

    Although the Spartan Stadion is not a difficult race, it is not easier than similar obstacle courses either. It is recommended to follow the guidelines we set out in our Spartan Race training article before the race and to warm up properly in the morning, not long before the race. via

    Do Spartan races have a time limit?

    Most races do not have a time limit. Sign up, show up, don't give up! Longer races may have cut off times for safety concerns. If this is the case, those times will be posted on the event page the week before the race. via

    How do you know if you're ready for a Spartan Race?

  • You're punctuating your day with burpees.
  • Running ain't so hard anymore.
  • Obstacles have become your friends.
  • You want to be right up against that edge.
  • You dedicate time and energy to training.
  • You train competitively with your friends already.
  • via

    Has anyone died doing a Tough Mudder?

    Safety. At the April 20, 2013, Tough Mudder Mid-Atlantic event in Gerrardstown, West Virginia, a 28-year-old participant, Avishek Sengupta, died following an incident on the "Walk the Plank" obstacle. This was the first fatality in Tough Mudder's history. via

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