How Does Sawstop Work


Does SawStop really work?

To this day the company says SawStop has never been involved in a serious table saw accident and has documented more than 5,000 "finger saves." He estimates his saws are "99 percent" effective at preventing injuries. via

Can SawStop cut wet wood?

SawStop saws cut most wet wood without a problem. However, if the wood is very green or wet (for example, wet enough to spray a mist when cutting), or if the wood is both wet and pressure treated, then the wood may be sufficiently conductive to activate the brake. via

How does SawStop know to stop?

It works just like any other table saw, but stops immediately when in contact with flesh. It works using the electrical signals from your finger. These signals are picked up by the saw blade and trigger the brake cartridge underneath. This cartridge springs upwards and stops the saw almost instantly. via

Does a SawStop ruin the saw?

SawStop not only drops the blade, it rams an aluminum block into it to stop it from spinning. This destroys the $69 cartridge assembly containing the block and more often than not, it damages or destroys the blade. The blade isn't touched and can be used again after the saw is reset. via

What triggers SawStop?

SawStop Saws Detect Contact With Skin. The blade carries a small electrical signal, which the safety system continually monitors. When skin contacts the blade, the signal changes because the human body is conductive. The change to the signal activates the safety system. via

What is the safest saw?


Considered one of the safer power saws, the jigsaw features a large flat base called a “shoe,” which rests flat on the surface of the material you're cutting and surrounds the blade and offers some protection. via

Do SawStop saws go on sale?

SawStop says its professional cabinet saw sales are at record levels, and SawStop saws are always the same price. Promotions are very rare, but vice president of marketing Matt Howard said offering the free upgrade was important. via

How do you bypass the safety on a SawStop? (video)

Is SawStop the only safety saw?

No, SawStop is the only table saw currently available for purchase (as of Apr 2015) which features a flesh-triggered active safety device. However, on March 16, 2015, Bosch announced a jobsite table saw featuring an active safety system they call REAXX. via

Are SawStop blades any good?

They are not great for deep rips but do almost everything else well. For deep rips, I like a 24 tooth flat top ripping blade. I've been using Freud but I just bought a 2 blade set from Infinity for $100. My saw is the 1.75 hp but I use full kerf blades. via

Can you run SawStop without cartridge?

Yes, all current SawStop models use the same brake cartridge. Q. via

Where are SawStop tools made?

SawStop is a US-owned company, and each table saw is engineered at our headquarters just south of Portland, Oregon. Every table saw is built in Taiwan to an unmatched set of tolerances. via

What happened to the Bosch Reaxx table saw?

The U.S. International Trade Commission found the Bosch Reaxx Jobsite Table Saw with active injury mitigation technology violates two SawStop U.S. patents. The ITC issued a cease-and-desist order banning Bosch from importing or selling the saws as well as any supporting parts in the United States. via

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