How Do I Get Sirius Radio On My Iphone


Is Sirius free on iPhone?

iPhone App

The SiriusXM Internet Radio app is free to download from the App Store on your iPhone. via

How much is the Sirius app for iPhone?

The app itself is free, but the Sirius XM service costs $12.95 per month. via

How do I listen to Sirius on my phone?

Listen to SiriusXM On the Go

Most SiriusXM plans include the ability to stream with the SXM App. So, you can tap into all kinds of music, plus sports, news, and talk where and when you choose. Sign up now. If you're already a subscriber, set up your listening credentials. via

Does the Sirius app cost money?

Downloading and updating the app is quick, easy and free. You can download the updated SiriusXM App from the following links: Android users can download the app here. via

How do I get free Sirius on my iPhone?

  • Go to on your iPhone or iPad.
  • You'll be asked to create an account — follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Create a password for SiriusXM and confirm via email.
  • Download and install SiriusXM App.
  • Open the app and proceed with SiriusXM log in.
  • Start streaming.
  • via

    What is the difference between Sirius and SiriusXM?

    Radios labeled as Sirius radios can only receive Sirius packages. XM radios can only receive XM packages. SiriusXM radios can only receive SiriusXM packages. via

    Can I use SiriusXM on my iPhone?

    With SiriusXM Internet Radio, you have the flexibility to listen anywhere. Tune in to over 120 channels on your Mac or PC. Plus you can listen on many mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android and more. via

    How do I get free SiriusXM for life?

    Anyone who is not already a SiriusXM subscriber can download the SiriusXM app or go to, and start listening free of charge, with no credit card or commitment required. via

    Is SiriusXM free now?

    Sirius XM is helping stave off your boredom by providing free access to its programming through May 15, 2020. "With so many people asked to stay at home, we are making our full streaming lineup of music, entertainment, news, and information easily accessible to everyone," said Jim Meyer, SiriusXM CEO. via

    Can you negotiate SiriusXM price?

    Yes, you read that right. You can negotiate the price of your satellite radio service. You are not the only person that isn't willing to spend $15 a month on the service. via

    How do I connect my Sirius app to my car?

  • Install the SiriusXM app on your iOS device. You will need a cellular data plan to stream without a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Connect your device to your CarPlay-enabled radio.
  • Ensure you are logged into the SiriusXM app on your mobile device, then select SiriusXM from the dashboard interface.
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    How do I get to channel 0 on my radio?

    Tune to channel 0. Simultaneously press and hold the AUX and Preset 1 buttons. Simultaneously press and hold the Sirius and Preset 1 buttons. Select MENU and then use to touch screen to select SYSTEM INFO. via

    How hard is it to cancel SiriusXM?

    Cancel SiriusXM satellite radio service

    You'll need to speak to XM radio customer service. You can reach them by dialing the SiriusXM phone number: 1-866-635-2349. via

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