How Can I Find My Elementary School Yearbook


Can you find old yearbooks online?

Old yearbooks available online can be found in many places. has a nice school yearbook collection to search. I would encourage you to check out the schools and years available in the “Browse This Collection” section on the right side of the page in order to look for a specific yearbook. via

How can I find my old elementary school photos?

  • Ask Your Parents or Other Family Members.
  • Visit Your Local Library.
  • Ask for Old Classmates' Yearbooks.
  • Search Online.
  • Make a Call to Your Elementary School.
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    How do I find old school yearbooks?

    Contact your high school by phone or by email to inquire about whether or not they have extra copies of the yearbook in storage. Talk to the folks in the main office as well as the librarian. Libraries often hold onto unsold copies. via

    Can you look up yearbooks?

    Using an Online Search Tool. Use an online yearbook finder tool. Online services like,,, and allow you to search their archives for physical scans of yearbooks as well as photographs, dates, and names in the yearbooks. via

    How do I find my school pictures online?

  • Go to
  • Type in your school or organization.
  • Enter your student's name and any other requested info to search for your photos.
  • Choose which photos you want to order, a background option, and enter the information needed.
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    Can you order old yearbook from lifetouch?

    Visit to order a yearbook. If your school is not using YBPay, please contact your school to order a yearbook. via

    How do I find old classmates from elementary school?

    Use a search engine like Google. To narrow the results, type in the friend's name and the state where your elementary school was. Many people have an Internet presence, like a personal website, or have been mentioned online. In some cases, your search may find a photo you can use to verify you have the right person. via

    Do schools keep old yearbooks?

    Sometimes schools keep old yearbooks, although they may only have one copy from each year. The school may allow you to look at a yearbook, in which case you can get the publisher information from inside the book. Call the local library nearest to the high school. via

    How do I find my elementary school teacher?

    To find previous school teachers, go to a site such as and search for the teacher's name or contact the school to see if the teacher is still there. Some schools have employees on staff to keep updated records on school alumni and former teachers. via

    Where can I find my old elementary yearbooks for free? has a nice collection of yearbooks, and they are completely free to search and to view. via

    How do I find my old school staff?

    Contact teacher's associations, retired teachers' organizations and the state education agency or the state board of education. See if they have an address for the old teacher. They may not give the contact information, but they might be willing to forward a letter or email to the person you're looking for. via

    How do I find my old classmates?

    Contact the school direct or contact its alumni society. They will be able to let you know how to find old classmates via their records or other means like advertising your desire to meet up again through alumni magazines or a website, etc. via

    How do I find old yearbooks on Reddit?

    Contact the school and ask them. They probably have archival editions. Another option is the Public Library for the area which the school served. Or find someone on Facebook who attended the school at that time and ask if you could borrow it. via

    What can you do with old yearbooks?

    If you can't find anyone interested in the yearbooks, recycle them by putting them in your recycling bin for pickup. If the yearbooks are entirely paper or cardboard, the recycling company can likely recycle them without issue. via

    Are there digital yearbooks?

    The only digital, interactive version of your exact yearbook, where students & staff sign, sticker & video each other — right in the yearbook. An FC digital yearbook looks exactly like the print version of your yearbook, but it's interactive through the FC Yearbook app. via

    Can I see my child's picture on Lifetouch?

    Each year you purchase a package with digital images on, your child's digital school picture will be delivered to your Shutterfly account and saved with Shutterfly's unlimited free storage. If you already have a Shutterfly account, you'll simply log in to access your Lifetouch digital images. via

    Do schools make money from school pictures?

    Photography companies and schools share in the proceeds of school portraits in many local districts, according to the I-Team review. The money is set aside in a student activity fund in each local school in Montgomery County, Lazor said. “Those funds are specifically used for the student body,” she said. via

    How do I view my child's pictures Lifetouch?

    Here's how: From the Shutterfly website: When signed in to Shutterfly, click on 'My Photos', click on Albums, then click on Lifetouch from your folder list. You should be able to see Lifetouch images in this folder. via

    How do I get my old lifetouch pictures?

    Ordering Before Picture Day

    Go to 2. Enter your Picture Day ID, which is unique to your school. Find it on your Picture Day flyer. via

    How do I submit my lifetouch yearbook?

  • Lifetouch Yearbooks.
  • Community Image Upload Instructions.
  • Upload your photos for possible inclusion in the yearbook. Step 1: Log in to
  • • If you are a new user, enter the access code pro- vided by your school and click Get Started.
  • Step 2: Create Your Account.
  • Step 3: Upload Images.
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    How long does lifetouch take to send pictures?

    Q: How long does it take for photos to arrive? A: Photos will arrive approximately 2-3 weeks after Picture Day. via

    How do I find my classmates who died?

    Log online. Visit the official website of your former high school. Scroll through online alumni high school association pages for listings of deceased former students. Contact the high school administrative staff/historian and inquire about catalogues or information available that list deceased alumni. via

    How can I find my elementary friend?

    Search for a friend on a people-search site like ZabaSearch or Intelius. These sites will provide you with the person's last known addresses and phone numbers. It will also provide the person's immediate relatives, including a spouse. Send a letter to your friend's last known address. via

    How do I find someone I went to high school with?

  • Start with a yearbook, notebook, or letter with the return address or old e-mail.
  • Go on Facebook.
  • Go to
  • Try
  • Hang on to the addresses.
  • Spread the net wider.
  • Double check information sent by well-meaning people.
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    How can I find my old middle school yearbook?

    Contact your school first to find if they have a stockpile of a few extra yearbooks. Often the Parent Teacher Association or other volunteer or fundraising organization connected with the school may know if someone has extra yearbooks or how to directly contact the printer of the yearbooks. via

    Where can I sell old yearbooks? is your free online source for buying, selling, or just viewing old yearbooks. via

    Are yearbooks public domain?

    Copyright issues regarding yearbooks are not at all clear. Because the yearbooks were sold, they are considered "published" and the photos in the yearbooks will also be considered published. Any yearbook published between 1923 and 1977 that has no copyright notice in the work is in the public domain. via

    How do I track down a teacher?

    Contact teacher associations, retired teachers organisations and the local education authority. See if they have an address for the old teacher. They may not give the contact information but might be willing to forward a letter or email. Use Internet search engines to search for the teacher's name. via

    How do I find my homeroom teacher?

    At the top left-hand corner of the page, click on the “Family” tab. Then you must select the student's name that is located in the middle of the page (see below). 3. Under the “Details” tab on the left hand menu you will find your student's homeroom teacher (see below). via

    How do I get a copy of my QTS certificate?

  • View your teacher record.
  • Obtain electronic copies of your QTS and induction certificates.
  • Obtain electronic copies of relevant leadership qualification certificates.
  • Update your personal details.
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