Guess What The Groom Said


How does what did the groom say work?

It involves quizzing the bride-to-be and comparing her answers to the groom's. It's kind of like the Newlywed Game. You take a list of questions and email them to the groom. Then you just read off that list and quiz the bride to see if she guesses the correct answer. via

What questions should a groom ask the bride?

Questions to ask the groom about the bride

  • What is her biggest celebrity crush?
  • Does she snore?
  • What was the first thing you noticed about her?
  • What is her favorite color?
  • What movie or tv character matches her personality the most?
  • Who is her celebrity doppelganger (lookalike)?
  • What is her biggest pet peeve?
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    What will the bride say game?

    Guests circle their guess for the correct answer to each question on the score sheet. Once all guests have circled their answers, ask the bride-to-be each question from the game card. For each correct guess, guests receive 1 point on their score sheets. The guest with the most points at the end wins! via

    How well do you know the groom shower game?

    How Well Does The Bride Know The Groom Game. Contact the groom prior to the shower and ask him the game questions (of course, ask him to keep all of this a secret). Now the bride will answer the same questions that we asked the groom. Each guest should write down how many answers that they think the bride will match. via

    What is inside your purse game?

    The What's in Your Purse Bridal Shower Game includes 24 game cards that list common and not-so-common items found in purses, including keys, gum, a screwdriver, and nail polish. The person with the most points and most interesting items in their purse wins. via

    Who is more likely to questions?

    Fun most likely questions

  • Who is most likely to marry their high school sweetheart?
  • Who is most likely to end up on a TV show?
  • Who is most likely to remain in the same city for the rest of their life?
  • Who is most likely to spend their money on something stupid?
  • Who is most likely to be the first one to die?
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    What questions should I ask the groom?

    Getting Married?

  • 10 must ask questions for potential grooms.
  • Ask him if he/his family plans to ask for dowry.
  • Relationship with family members.
  • Who does the household chores?
  • Tell him you won't quit your job after marriage.
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    What is a groom shower?

    If your partner wishes they had more reasons to celebrate before your wedding, we've got an idea: the groom shower. Just like a bridal shower, a groom's party is a themed opportunity for guests to give gifts that are more specific to the groom-to-be. via

    How well do you know bride and groom?

    How Well Does The Bride Know The Groom Game. Another fun and free bridal shower game! Contact the groom prior to the shower and ask him the game questions (of course, ask him to keep all of this a secret). Each guest should write down how many answers that they think the bride will match. via

    Who said game?

    Description. Friends (Who Said It) is a game where you guess who said the quote. Alexa will read the quote and you guess the character who said it. We chose to have Alexa read the quote because the characters all have distinctive voices and if we play audio clips the answer would be obvious. via

    How many questions are in the shoe game?

    ' Throughout the game, the caller should ask around 20-50 questions. After each one, the caller will leave a short pause, in which the couple can answer and the guests can react. via

    Who know the bride best questions?

    Our Favourite How Well do You Know the Bride?

  • What would be her dream honeymoon?
  • What's her signature drink?
  • What was her favourite subject in school?
  • What is the bride's middle name?
  • Where did she meet her future spouse?
  • What colour are her eyes?
  • How many wedding dresses did she try on?
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    Does the groom really know the bride game?

    These How Well Does the Groom Know the Bride Bridal Shower Game cards are a fun bridal shower game to add to your next bridal shower or wedding shower. Play this game with your family and friends at your bridal shower or wedding shower by having your guests guess how many questions the groom will answer correctly. via

    How well do you know your partner questions?

    More "How Well Do You Know Me" Questions:

  • What is your favorite restaurant to go to?
  • What household chore do you hate the most?
  • What type of music makes you happy?
  • Who is your celebrity crush?
  • What is your favorite childhood memory?
  • Who is your favorite author?
  • What's your favorite meal for me to make?
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    How do you play the Newlywed game Questions?

  • How did you first meet your spouse?
  • What did they wear on your first date?
  • Where did you go on your first date?
  • Describe what you first thought of them in one word.
  • When did you know that they were 'the one'?
  • Who said “I love you” first?
  • When and where was your first kiss?
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