Can You Put 134a In A R12 System


Can you mix R12 and 134a refrigerant?

R134a systems operate at higher discharge-side pressures than R12, which can cause compressor seals to leak. Bottom line, R134a simply doesn't cool as well as R12. The advantage of ester oil is that it works with both R12 as well as R134a, so you can fill the system with it and then use either refrigerant. via

What refrigerant is compatible with R12?

There are three replacement refrigerant options for R12 systems: R134a, R401a, R401b. R134a is regarded, by manufacturers and adherents to the Montreal Protocols alike, as the best replacement refrigerant. via

Is 134a the same as R12?

R12 and 134a are refrigerants used in car air conditioning systems. R12 was used in most cars and trucks until 1995 when it was replaced with 134a. The main difference between the two is that R12 is the amount of time they remain in earth's atmosphere, with the newer 134a significantly less than the old R12. via

How do I switch from R12 to R134a?

  • Discard any R12 refrigerant still in the system by taking your vehicle to a licensed air-conditioning professional.
  • Open the engine compartment of your vehicle.
  • Push the high side retrofit R134a fitting over the old fitting and use a wrench to tighten it.
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    Is it legal to sell R12 refrigerant?

    Is it legal for me to sell? Yes, you can still sell R-12 and other CFC refrigerants. Although these refrigerants can no longer be manufactured, it is perfectly legal to sell to an EPA certified buyer. via

    Can you still recharge R12?

    No you can not recharge an AC system equipped with R-12 unless you are a licensed technician. You can convert your AC system to R-134 yourself, once the R-12 is dealt with correctly. via

    Why did they get rid of R12?

    In conclusion folks R-12 Freon was banned due to the damage that it caused to the Ozone layer. The Chlorine found in CFC refrigerants like R-12 would not break down in the atmosphere when vented or leaked. The Chlorine would then erode the Ozone bit by bit. via

    How much is 134a in a R12 system?

    Charge with 134a between 70-80% of the original R12 charge amount. Note: Hot gas valve will need to be adjusted during the charging process to properly adjust the low side by-pass pressure to 20psi. Replace any O-rings with 134a compatible. via

    How do I know if my car is R12 or R134?

    To tell if it has been converted you can look for a sticker on the unit under the hood, which would indicate that it is R134a. And you can also look for R134a adapters, which would be located on the charge parts. via

    Is R134a a drop in replacement for R12?

    At the present time the preferred replacement refrigerant for R12 is HFC RI34a. However, R134a is not a 'drop-in' replacement for R12 because there is a need to change the compressor lubricant and expansion valve. Changing over from R12 to R134a can therefore be an ex-pensive and time consuming procedure. via

    What component Cannot be flushed?

    Accumulators, receiver driers, lines and hoses with filters and mufflers CANNOT be flushed and must be replaced. via

    What year did R134a replace R12?

    Vehicles manufactured before 1994 used R12 for air conditioning. Vehicles older than 1994 started using R134A instead of R12. So what if you have a car that was made in 1994 or even earlier? Well, if you have a car that old, you have two options. via

    Can anyone buy 410A refrigerant?

    R410a IS NOT one of those. ANYONE can purchase and handle 410a. NO certification or license needed. This 50-question exam covers proper safety, handling, and application of R-410A refrigerant systems. via

    Can I sell my R22 refrigerant?

    R22 refrigerant is illegal to import and manufacturer in the U.S. But it's not illegal for anyone to buy R22 freon. And it's not illegal to sell it IF you have a license. As long as the stocks last, you will be able to continue purchasing R22 from specialized dealers and form your air conditioning company. via

    What is a 609 certification?

    Section 609 of the Federal Clean Air Act requires technicians who service motor vehicle air conditioning “MVAC” systems to be certified. Required to service motor vehicle A/C systems. Required to purchase small containers (under 20 lb) of regulated refrigerants. via

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