60 In Round Table Seats How Many


How many chairs fit around a 60 inch round table?

A 60” Round Table can comfortably seat 8 guests. Reducing the seating to 6 will give your guests more space. Many rental companies will state that a 60” Round Table can accommodate 8-10 guests. Although this is true, 10 chairs would be rather tight. via

What size is a round table that seats 8?

The average round dining table size for eight is 72 inches in diameter (6ft; 183cm), although anywhere from 54–60 inches (5ft; 137–152cm) can fit six to eight people. Depending on the design, it is possible to squeeze seven to nine seats on round tables measuring anywhere from 5–7 ft. via

What does 60 inch round table mean?

Standard sizes for common round tablecloths: 30 inch round table: Seats 2-3 People: 64 inch cloth (17 inch drop) 48 inch round table: Seats 6 People: 72 inch cloth (12 inch drop) 60 inch round table: Seats 8 People: 90 inch cloth (15 inch drop) via

Can you seat 10 at a 60 inch round table?

How many people can sit at a 60 inch round table? 8-10 people can fit at a 60″ round table. If you seat 10, everyone will not be able to slide their chairs under the table. If you have formal place settings, you definitely can't fit more than 8. via

How many chairs fit around a 30 round table?

30" Round Table - seats 3-4 guests. 36" Round Table - seats 4 guests. 42" Round Table - seats 4-5 guests. 48" Round Table - seats 5-6 guests. via

Can a 60 inch round table seat 8?

A 60″ round table can seat between 6-8 people comfortably. via

Can a 54 inch round table seat 6?

A 54” round table can seat up to 5 adults. A 60” round table can seat up to 6 adults. A 72” round table can seat up to 8 adults. via

How much space is needed around a round table?

A general guideline is to allow for 18 to 24 inches for every person at your table, but that measurement can flex up or down depending on your unique space. Tiny Tip: Allow for cozier seating with a round table (instead of rectangular) and bench seating (instead of chairs). via

How big is a 10 person round table?

What size round table seats 10? A round table that's 8 feet in diameter can seat 10 to 12 people. via

How many people can you seat around a 48 round table?

A 48" table can usually accommodate 5-6 people, but for larger groups, you'll want a table that is 60" in diameter or larger. via

How much space do you need for a 42 inch round table?

While recommendations vary, a clearance of 36 to 42 inches from table edge to a wall or other furniture allows adequate space for seating plus a walkway behind the diners. Using this guideline, a dining room 10-by-12-feet long accommodates a table 36 to 42 inches wide and 60 to 72 inches long. via

Can you fit 6 chairs around a 48 table?

With no room and people straddling table legs, 6 wood Chiavari's is the maximum number that can fit around a 48 inch round table. via

Do round dining tables save space?

Because there are no corners to a round table, it creates more space so people can walk around and get to their seat. A round dining table avoids such issues by providing a better use of space in a smaller area so that there is less bumping or crowding when trying to sit down. via

What shape table is best for a small space?

A round table works well in small rooms and smaller square shaped rooms. It creates a cozy and intimate setting, so it's the best shape for a small group of people. A large round table, however, can make guests feel very far away from each other. via

How many chairs can you fit around a 120cm round table?

Seating sizes for rectangular tables

Again, manufacturers may offer different recommendations, and you might be able to add more seating for a tighter fit. 120 centimetres long seats four. 150 to 180 centimetres long seats six. 210 centimetres long seats eight. via

How many chairs can you get around a 54 inch round table?

54″ Round Dining Table. For a formal meal, a 54″ round table will seat 5 people comfortably. For a casual meal, you can sit 6 people around the table. via

What is the circumference of a 54 inch round table?

circumference of a table 54" in diameter is approx. 169.56. Divide that by 6 and you have approx. 28". via

What is a table overlay?

Table overlays are linens used to “top off” or add an extra layer of fabric to a tablescape, similar to table runners. An overlay is used to partially cover a tablecloth while also introducing another fabric and/or color element to the tablescape. via

What size table cloth do I need for a 6 ft table?

For example a standard 6 foot banquet table is 72 inches x 30 inches with a 30 inch drop to the floor. For this example you will need 72 inches of fabric for the table top plus your desired drop. A standard banquet linen for a 6 foot table is 96 inches long x 60 inches wide (8 foot banquet linen). via

How do you measure a round table?

If you have a Round table, you should measure straight across the middle. If you have a Square table, just measure one of the sides, end to end. (All sides on a square are equal.) If you have a Rectangle table, measure the length from end to end and width from end to end. via

How much space is needed for a 60 round table and chairs?

Use 12 sq ft per person for 60 in round tables with 8 per table or any other round table. via

How much space do you need for a 72 round table?

So let's break this down into inches. The circumference of a 72-inch table is about 226 inches. In general, to sit comfortably most people need about 24 inches of table space. via

Where should the dining room be in the kitchen?

Dining rooms are, traditionally, in a space adjacent to the kitchen. Having a separate room for dining with its own doors allows the homeowners to entertain guests at dinner without any interruption, distraction, or noise from the kitchen. For instance, the noise of a dishwasher or the clanking of silverware. via

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